Imogen wrote this account at the end of her first year of Philosophy here at Christ's College, Cambridge. She's from Burton-on-Trent in the west midlands, and did A-levels in Maths, Philosophy and Ethics, and Geography at school.

Imogen Profile
Imogen (on the right)

What attracted you to Philosophy at Cambridge?

At school, Philosophy and Ethics was my favourite subject. It was the only one I felt really intrigued by and wanted to continue with further. Even though the subject is quite different at university since it is less religion-based here, there is still some overlap, such as the Ethics paper, so I am still able to

How did you choose your College?

First Court
First Court

I had visited Cambridge before, when I was younger and just as a tourist. I'd looked around Christ's then and found it really pretty, then I saw it again on an open day and I just liked the look of the place. Also, I liked that Christ's is so central and you can walk to everywhere. Now I'm here, the College has definitely lived up to my expectations; it’s been a lovely place to live and everyone has been really friendly.

In general, I think that the collegiate system is a good system because you can become really close with the people you live around, but

How do you manage your workload?

Group before bopWith the increased independent work that we do  at university level, it can be hard at times not to procrastinate, but I found it easier to manage as time went on and I did get the essays done in enough time. Some supervisors set more reading to do, but these tend to be for topics where it's less difficult to work out what the articles were saying, so it doesn't impact too much on the workload. It's definitely still possible to do a good amount of other things during the week as well as work.

I vary where I work, but mainly the College library, or my room

Swimming in the Fellows Garden at Christ's College, Cambridge
  Messing about in the pool on a sunny day.
  Credit: Sir Cam

What have you enjoyed most about life at Christ’s this year?

The May Ball at the end of the year was an unforgettable experience that really topped the year off and made our hard work all worth it. Also, as a smaller College, Christ's has a welcoming atmosphere which just feels generally nicer to live in. My favourite thing about Christ's is being close to everything that I need to get to in Cambridge, as well as living in a pretty setting and close to my friends. I also enjoy the swimming pool in the Fellows' Garden, even if it’s extremely cold!

What do you do when you’re not working