Christ's College Choir Association was launched on Saturday 13 November 2010, with a special service of Choral Evensong followed by dinner in Hall.

The Choir Association has been set up to bring former members of the Choir together.  Following the immense success of the inaugural Choir Association Dinner on Saturday 13th november 2010, a second event took place on 3rd November 2012, and a third event on the 1st November 2014. We were delighted that so many former members of the Choir were able to join its current members for singing, fine food, wine and general merriment. In September 2016, a new format was trialled with a lunch and afternoon tea laid on either side of evensong. 

The most recent Choir Association Festal Evensong and Dinner took place on Saturday 12th October, 2019. If you require any further information, did not receive the information or know of anyone else who did not receive an invite, do not hesitate to contact the Choir Administrator Simon Fraser on 

The Choir Association also provides continued support for the current Choir.  The College funds the choir as far as the services in Chapel are concerned.  Activities which support the choir in that capacity, such as singing lessons, organ lessons and the like, are funded partly from donations by alumni and partly by the College. Similarly, tours are an incredible experience but come at significant expense; for example, a tour to the US costs around £30,000.  We try to be self-funding on these tours through ticket sales and collections during the tour itself, as well as through concerts at other times of the year and through CD sales, but in recent years this has become more challenging.

If you would like to make a one-off gift or a regular donation to ensure that the current and future generations of the Choir can have the same experiences, please contact the College's Development Director.