Step 1 - Choose a course

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Consider whether Christ's offers a course that you will love. We encourage you to look into the advantages of living in the College community and being taught in small-group supervisions with experts in your subject.

Some of you will be from countries where local university subject choices are quite different in scope. Here at Cambridge, we ask you to choose just one of the courses that we offer. Don't be daunted by this choice, however, because within our courses, there is often a lot of flexibility.

NB. It is not possible to apply to both Cambridge and Oxford, so if you like courses at both universities, you must choose between us. 

Step 2 - Check the entrance requirements

You will need to show that you'll have an appropriate academic background for your chosen course in order to be considered for a place. Here at Christ's, we admit students with a wide range of qualifications around the world, but we advise every new prospective applicant to check the detail carefully for your specific qualification and chosen course as early as possible, as particular grades/scores, subjects or, in some cases, further qualifications may be needed.

There are a number of different 'typical requirements' to look at:

  • You will need to meet or exceed our standard requirements for your qualification either in exams you have already taken or in exams you will be taking during the academic year when you apply (we work with predicted grades or scores for exams you have not taken at the time of application). Please see the International entrance requirements and send us an email if your qualification is not listed, or if you are not sure if you can meet one of the other requirements.
  • You will need to meet any subject requirements for your chosen course.
    You should check the course requirements on both the university course page (see the entry requirements tab) and the Christ's College subject page.  
  • If your native language is not English, you may need to meet our English language requirements.
  • You must check whether the course you are interested in has an Admissions Assessment, and if it is one of the ones that required registration in advanced, you must register by the relevant mid-September deadline (this is before the UCAS application deadline). The best advice is always to register at the first opportunity and to ensure that you receive your candidate number as proof that you are registered.

    • For students applying in October 2024, the courses that require registration in advance, and the registration deadlines are confirmed here. Note that there are changes to assessments from year to year so if you are applying in future years the information will be available by the July before you apply.  

    There is no need to register if your course has a "College assessment" as those are arranged by the admissions office if you are selected for interview (and will be sat remotely).


Step 3 - Check the cost and financial support available

It would also be a good idea at this stage to look at the financial of things; see the finances section, which includes details of costs and financial support.

We realise that EU students in particular often have questions relating to finances following Brexit - do read the notes for EU students, which includes an update on Christ's financial support, and we are gradually adding to our country-specific pages.

Step 4 - Check the application details

Garden, flowerbeds and buildingIf you like what you read about living and studying at Christ's, have found a course that you think you would thrive on, and are able to meet the high academic requirements, then we encourage you to look further into the detail of making an application. As well as meeting the academic requirements, there is, of course, one further practical requirement:

  • You will need to make an on-time, valid application and be available for online interviews, if invited.

The practical details for making a valid application are set out here:

Further information and online events


Christ's College, Cambridge first court
First Court, Christ's College, Cambridge. Credit: Sir Cam. For more pictures of First Court see the First Court picture page.


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