First Court
First Court

Welcome! Thank you for submitting a UCAS application and applying for 2023 or deferred 2024 entry. We are the Christ's Admissions Team, and our names are Kristy, Jan, Hayley and Ellie. We're here to administer (but not to assess!) your application and answer your questions, and we'll support you through this section of the Christ's website from now until decisions-time in January 2023. The Cambridge process assesses you carefully, and there are quite a few forms and 'bits' to do after your UCAS application, but if you follow the information in this section and work with us stage by stage (we've put the dates next to each stage), we will be able to guide you through the process smoothly.

Current points

Wed 30 Nov

  • The next interview set-up support session is on Friday (info and booking). We recommend attending - students who follow the set up advice given have fewer problems on the day than those who don't!
  • Don't forget that the current questions page has sections for interview questions and subject-specific questions.
  • We are now on Stage 5! Please take time to read the Stage 5 email (check your spam/junk if you can't see it in your inbox), the Stage 5 section, and your invitation to interview carefully. Have you completed your interview attendance reply form?
  • For those with a College Registered Assessment this week, the main thing is to ensure that you have read the email and attached pdfs with instructions carefully, and that (if relevant) you have the Moodle link and log-in details ready. You may be at a disadvantage if you have not read the information we've sent you properly. Also, please do not miss your assessment time as it is not possible to reschedule these - international applicants in different time zones, please be especially careful.

Contacting Christ's: We need your help to work efficiently! We request that you start all emails to Christ's Admissions Team with:

  • Your name (exactly as you wrote it on your UCAS form), 
  • The course you have applied for (including 'Biological or Physical' if Natural Sciences),
  • Your UCAS number (10 digits, please write it as one number without dashes)
  • The country you are applying from (e.g. France)

Stage 1:  Up to 15 Oct

Make sure you've read how to apply, read and act on the info at receiving emails, and sign up for the Applicant Webinar Series if you want to. Any applicant for the following subjects who has not sat the Admissions Assessment should contact us: Chemical Engineering & Biotech, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences.


Stages 2 & 3:  15 Oct - 3 November

Deadline What?
22 Oct My Cambridge Application
22 Oct Transcript
22 Oct Christ's information form.
22 Oct Extenuating Circumstances Form
22 Oct Disability / Specific Learning Difficulty / long-term illness adjustments form
22 Oct Curriculum details
22 Oct Results breakdown
22 Oct Requested additional documents
3 Nov Additional Applicant Information Form (AAIF)
3 Nov Written work + coversheets
3 Nov Architecture Artwork pdf
3 Nov Fee Status Questionnaire for some Medicine applicants.  
3 Nov Fee Status Questionnaire for unusual circumstances
3 Nov Eligibility document for students currently on UK Government Funded Free School Meals
3 Nov Students in care may need to email us
3 Nov International Science Olympiad Medal Certificates
3 Nov Form for applicants for English

Questions about late forms / documents? Please see the current questions page rather than emailing us. Remember also that in Stage 3 we emphasised the importance of the Subject information and said that you may be at a disadvantage if you do not read it.


Stage 4: November

We have sent invitations to interview (i.e. with dates and times) in the following subjects
We have sent invitations to interview in all subjects. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam/junk folders and email if you still cannot see our message.


Interview set-up support sessions

Once you have received an invitation to interview (with the date(s), times and joining details) you can sign up for one of the interview set-up  support sessions below:

All times are UK times. If you wish to attend, you only need to do so once (they are the same session). You can sign up until 1 hour before the session start time in all cases (we cannot include you if you try to sign up later than that so please do not ask).

Comment from a previous session: The event was super helpful: I thought prior that I knew most of the details surrounding Whereby and how to use it, but sitting in on the session covered a lot of important topics I had overlooked, and also provided helpful tips as to how to ensure as little goes wrong during the interview as possible! Being able to see a visual example of Whereby's software and the controls on the webpage definitely helped me to understand a few of the subjects I was on the fence about.

Stage 5:  28 Nov - 14 Dec

Remote interviews

This section is for students who have received an invitation for remote interviews. It will be expanded gradually and further detail may be added to the pages already available. We recommend that you re-read the information shortly before interviews in case any details have been updated. 

Interview Guidelines Why do we interview and what do interviews involve? 
A brief note on software A brief note on the platform for Christ's interviews
Interview set-up support sessions

Webinars in late Nov / early Dec to walk you through the software & set-up for interviews.

Home or school? Guidance on where to have your interviews
Subject Information Where you find the interview and any College-registered assessment details specific to your course. Some details may be updated nearer the time so you are advised to re-read information before coming for interview.
FORM: Interview attendance reply form Details (and a deadline) will be in your invitation to interview. Please ensure that you submit this form to confirm whether you can attend your interviews once you have received the invitation to interview email with date(s), times and joining details.

Practical details for remote interviews

Practical info for the interview period: We update this in the run-up to interviews so if you read it early, please ensure that you re-read it just before your interview day.

Whereby Support
Zoom Support

Please read the relevant page once you have received your invitation to interview and know which parts will be relevant for your interviews.
If you have a problem Please read about what to do if you have a problem.
Sitting a College-registered remote assessment If you're selected for interview in a course that requires this, details are sent to you by email.
Information about College-registered assessments by subject
Subject content, paper structure, sample questions available. See summary table and click on the subject name for more (the academic side of the information, not practical details).

Pre-interview study

Only relevant to you if your invitation to interview says that you have some pre-interview reading or other study immediately before your interview; we give practical details about how this works.
Adjustments If you requested adjustments via the adjustments form and evidence document, please remind yourself of the information on this page for information about what happens when you are invited for interview (steps 5, 6 and 7). Note that it is too late to tell us about adjustments if you did not already tell us.
What current students say about online interviews Some of the students who were interviewed online in December 2020 (the first year of online interviews, during the pandemic), are now in second year at Christ's! Some of them wrote profiles over the summer, and we've collected their online interview comments together for you.
The current questions page has a section for questions about interviews. Do check the current questions before contacting us! Many thanks. 

Stage 6: January

the outcome of your application

Applicants selected for interview will receive an update via the UCAS website with the outcome of their application on Wednesday 25 January 2023.

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