Christ's International Webinars

Online events for prospective undergraduate students from countries around the world.

The Working Library at Christ's College, Cambridge

We run annual Christ's International Webinars to help students applying from outside the UK. These normally include a brief presentation and a long period of Q&A - you will be able to type in questions to be answered by Dr Emily Tomlinson (Director of Admissions) and a Christ's student from your country / from a relevant country.

For students applying in Sept/Oct 2020, most Christ's international webinars for this year have already taken place but there is EU webinar on 8 October and you can sign up for that below and see further events open to all on the Christ's open days and events page. There are also some centrally organised webinars for international students advertised here.

For students applying in Sept/Oct 2021, you can register interest for the Christ's International Webinars next year. See below.

EU webinar on 8 October

The next Christ's International Webinar is an event for prospective students applying this year or next year from an EU country. It will take place on 8 October (17:00 UK time). Do sign up to join us.

2020 Christ's International Webinars

We may change the specific events from year to year, but as an example, in 2020 these are the Christ's International Webinars:

  • 2 July: Applying from outside the UK
  • 3 July: Applying from outside the UK
  • 8 July: Applying from Hong Kong or Malaysia
  • 8 July: Applying from Cyprus
  • 9 July: Applying from Singapore
  • 9 July: Applying from EU countries
  • 23 July: Applying from Poland
  • 8 Oct: Applying from EU countries BOOKING IS OPEN

2021 Christ's International Webinars - register your interest now

If you will apply to Cambridge in Sept/Oct 2021 for Oct 2022 (or deferred Oct 2023) entry, do register your interest for Christ's International Webinars in 2021. We will then send you an email when we are running an appropriate international webinar for you.

Other online events

There are also further webinars for prospective undergraduate students that you can book in addition to the option you've chosen in the table above:

"I have really enjoyed the convenient location and beautiful setting, combined with a very friendly and supportive environment."

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