Regular webinars posterWe run regular webinars in addition to our open days for students considering an application. Most of these are from February to August, but our Year 10 and 11 session on subject choices also runs at other times. For all regular webinars the  booking forms appear on our open days and events page. The information below gives further detail about the events.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the webinars from a fixed computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Once you have registered for a webinar (by completing the relevant form on the open days page), you will get an email with details of how to join the webinar. At the time of the webinar you then need to click on a link and enter the password you've been given. Please do not share the joining details - if a friend would also like to take part, ask them to do their own registration.

After the webinar you will receive a detailed follow-up email (normally the day after) with links to further information and resources.

When is the next Christ's webinar?

Please see the open days page to see when the next webinar is and complete the registration form if you'd like to take part. The regular webinars are normally advertised between February and August, though the Year 10/11 one takes place at other times as well.

If you find the time / day of the week for an advertised webinar inconvenient, note that over time we will provide some variations in the scheduling of our webinars and ensure that at least some of each type of webinar are scheduled at times and days accessible to long-distance international students and students with religious or other commitments. Between March and August 2021, we ran twenty-four regular webinars, to give you some idea. There are also Christ's International Webinars if you are from outside the UK.

Regular webinars that we offer

Title Content Feedback from previous participants

Christ's College: a look at the grounds and facilities

UK and non-UK

Approx duration:
75 mins

Next ones:
30 May (16:30)
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30 June (12:00)
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4 July (16:30)
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This webinar is an online visit to the College. We show you a map and lots of photos of the grounds and facilities, talking you through what you are seeing. There will be an opportunity to type questions for us to answer as well.

These webinars are advertised on our open days page, and registration is required. We will vary the time of day.

The next 'Look at the Grounds and Facilities' webinars will be on

  • "I thought it was very informative and it provided great insight into life at Christ's College, the grounds and accommodation. The use of images made it easy to visualise."
  • "The speaker was very clear and detailed. The slides were well chosen also."
  • "Almost as good as being able to see it in real life."
  • "I found it really useful and insightful. The pictures were very clear and the presentation worked well alongside the commentary. It was really helpful to hear about colleges rather than just reading information on websites as I think it allows for a greater understanding and view of the college."

Cambridge for beginners

(UK, Year 11 and Year 12 and equivalent only)

Approx duration:
90 - 100 mins

Next one:
6 June (16:30)
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If we ask how much you already know about studying at / applying to Cambridge on a scale of 1-10 and your answer would be 4 or less, this introductory session is for you. It is designed for UK students in Year 11 or Year 12 (S4 /S5 Scotland, Y12 & Y13 Northern Ireland).

This session may be especially helpful if you are the first in your family to apply to university or if you come from a background where not many apply to university.

The webinar will cover the basics and give you information about next steps for finding out more. As the webinar will only cover information relevant to UK students, if you are from outside the UK, please register interest for our international webinars

The next 'Cambridge for Beginners' webinar will be at 16:30 on 6 June (Book a place)

  • "A really detailed overview of studying at Cambridge and a good insight into the benefits of the colleges and activities which take place there."
  • "Kind host, incredibly informative. Especially liked insights on what is expected of a Cambridge student."
  • The section on admissions was especially useful as to what is necessary and not necessary. I would definitely recommend this webinar to anyone who is interested in Cambridge."
  • "All aspects I found very helpful and reassuring about some previous concerns."
  • "Subject researching options on University's website was broken down into locations such as department page, college page, student profiles and so on. I found this very helpful since it looked very confusing and overwhelming before."

Subject Matters - The Importance of Post-16 Subject Choices

UK Years 10-11 and equivalent

AND non-UK age 14 - 16 and planning to take International A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate

Approx duration: 75 minutes

Next sessions:

28 June at 17:00


We want to make sure that all students are able to make informed choices for their A-Levels (or equivalent qualifications) so that they can make competitive applications to top universities in the future. 

This online session is for UK students in Year 10-11 (England and Wales)/ S3-4 Scotland/ Year 11-12 Northern Ireland, thinking about going to university, and those in this age group outside of the UK who will be taking A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate. 

This webinar will cover an introduction to university and will provide advice on what subjects and combinations of subjects to choose to be competitive for a variety of courses at Cambridge and other selective universities. 

Teachers are also welcome to watch this session.

Book your place for your chosen date below - we recommend booking the first one you are available for:

Book a place for 28 June

  • "I found this webinar extremely helpful! It gave me a good idea of what subjects I would like to study in A-level, and how that choice can effect what degrees I can possibly apply for at an University such as Cambridge in the future."
  • "It was very informative and gave a good overview of the importance of picking the right subjects for the degree and field you want to work in and which requirements you needed to meet."
  • "I found the session really helpful as it give me a broad insight into my post 16 options"
  • "I found it extremely helpful and it has encouraged me to do my own research."
  • "As a teacher, just reassuring the advice remains consistent with the message we have been giving more able students''

Personal Statements and Preparing an Application

(UK and non-UK)

Approx duration:
1 hour 30 min

Next sessions:

9 June at 17:00

This session will focus on supercurricular activities, the personal statement and using these to help make a competitive application. It will give students an understanding of what each of these are and how these activities and the statement fit into the admissions process, as well as elements of a strong personal statement. Students will also receive advice on where to look for ideas and further research beyond this session.

This session has now finished running for 2021. If you will be applying in October 2022 for entry in 2023 or deferred entry in 2024, and are interested in joining this webinar next year (2022), you can register interest to hear from us when these webinars start running again. This would be applicable to those in Year 12 (England/Wales), Year 13 Northern Ireland, S5 in Scotland or equivalent e.g. US grade 11.


Book your place for your chosen date below - we recommend booking the first one you are available for:

Book a place for 9 June


  • "Really relevant and useful advice."
  • "It provided me with greater insight as to what I should include and how I should include it - I was struggling massively with the latter so it was very helpful."
  • "I thought the webinar was incredibly helpful! My school offers no help with the application process and I was a bit lost. The webinar gave me a very clear picture of what is expected and I've even started writing my personal statement now. I thought the power point was great and I also loved that the webinar was interactive."
  • "The person doing it was really friendly, and she answered all of the questions really well and clearly."


Further notes

  • When you join one of these webinars, your webcam and microphone will be turned off. You will, however, be able to type by clicking on Q&A at the bottom of your screen and typing in your question (we don't use the raise hands option). If you're on a laptop, the Q&A button will already be on your screen. If you're on a phone or tablet, you'll normally need to tap at the bottom of the screen to make the button appear.
  • These regular webinars are intended as live events, so please sign up if you are interested in attending live. If you can't make one, please sign up for the next one. Many thanks!
  • Students from outside the UK are advised to also register interest for the Christ's International Webinars in July as well as other online events for international students.

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