Front of College with cyclists going past
 Main gate - see page on how to get to Christ's

Welcome! This page sets out the detail for prospective undergraduate students and offer holders doing a self-directed visit to Christ's College. Thank you for your interest!


Opening dates and times

Apart from on closure dates (see below) Christ's is open to prospective students as follows:

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00
You can visit the grounds including the Fellows' Garden. Please do not enter any buildings.
Weekends 09:00 - 16:00
You can visit the grounds but note that the Fellows' Garden will be closed to visitors so it will not be possible to go in at weekends. Please do not enter any buildings.

No booking is needed but do check the closure dates below.

In Summer Term we have quiet period from 1 May - 16 June in the run-up and during exams which may mean that you see a 'College Closed' sign in the entrance as the College will be closed to the public. The College WILL NOT be closed to prospective students, however - if you introduce yourself at the porters' lodge, the porters will be happy to let you walk around the College grounds at the times mentioned above. Obviously please respect the quiet period and the possibility of exams taking place in College ensuring that you do not talk loudly outside open windows etc.

Closure dates

The College is closed to the public on the dates listed below. In most cases this will be due to internal events or reduced staffing, and we are sorry that it will not be possible to do self-guided visits. The exception is our annual Quiet period during the exam season, when the College is closed to the public but open to prospective students.

How many can visit?

Prospective students can visit alone or with up to two family members or friends. Please do not walk around the College in groups of more than three, and please pay attention to any signs up on the day of your visit, as it is a living and working environment. Many thanks.


Option to download the tour in advance

The self-guided tour pdf is available to download. If you have the technology (don't worry if not!) the easiest way to do a self-guided visit will be to already have it on your phone.


What do do on arrival

You may find the How to get to Christ's page helpful to find the College.

If you have not downloaded the tour pdf, please go to the porters' lodge on arrival (on your left as you enter through the main gate) to pick up a copy.

If you have downloaded the pdf, it would be helpful to just very briefly let the porters know you've come to visit and have the self-guided tour on your phone (they like to know who is coming in!).


After your visit

After your visit we do recommend having a look at the further information online as there is a lot more information about the college and facilities in our Grounds and Facilities section and via our regular webinar (Christ's College: A look at the Grounds and Facilities).

Other ways of seeing Christ's are set out in our Visiting Christ's page.

If you need an adapted copy of the self-guided tour

If you need to pick up an adapted copy of the tour for a disability / Specific Learning Difficulty (e.g. large print / printing on coloured paper) please email us in advance with details so that we can ensure a suitable copy is available for you. We would appreciate at least a few days' notice as we may be working from home. Thank you!