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When looking at the courses you could study at Cambridge, our advice is to think about what your school subjects are and what interests you, but don't be too quick to fix your decision on the course that has the most familiar name. Instead compare that course with any other relevant options before you make your final decision, as the perfect course for you may be one that you've never heard of or would not have considered unless you'd taken the time to find out about what it really involves. This is particularly true of arts and humanities courses, many of which overlap or have things in common.

Are you thinking of careers afterwards? While some professions really need a particular degree (e.g. Medicine), do bear in mind that the majority of employers that recruit Cambridge graduates do not require a certain degree. They are usually more interested in what you can do rather than what you have studied. The range of courses you can consider may be much wider than you first think. You are likely to be more successful in your application and thrive on the course (ending up with a better degree result for your CV!) if you apply for a subject you are genuinely interested in studying full time for three or four years, so it really is worth taking time to research and think about your options.

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