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In this section, Christ's undergraduate students from a range of subjects have written full, honest and detailed accounts of their experiences to show future students considering an application what living in College and studying for their course is like.

Of course, every student has their own interests, personality and approach, so we'd recommend reading a few to get a balanced picture. If you want to, you can also look at the student profiles grouped by where the students are from.

There is also a student Q&A film to watch at the bottom of the page.

Course Profiles
Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Alys (First year)
Archaeology Ari (First year)
Architecture Anna (First year)
Victoria (Second year)
Classics Emma: 4-yr course (Second year)
Kathryn: 3-yr course (Second year)
Tom: 3-yr course (First year)
Sebastian: 3-yr course (Third year)
Computer Science Dylan (Second year)
Matt (Fourth year)
Becca (First year)
Simeon (First year)
Henry (Second year)
Chemical Engineering

Dave (Second year)

Economics Martin (Second year)
Sanchit (Second year)
Luke (First year)
Education Mikkeline (First year)
Mira (Third year)
Engineering Annie (First year)
Ollie (Second year)
Hiral (Second year)
Andrew (First year)
Stratis (changed course)

Ariel (First year)
Esme (First year) 
Becca (Second year)
Charlotte (Second year)
Olivia (First year)
Seán (First year)
Katie (Second year)

Geography Immi (Second year)
Rohan (Third year)
Elise (Second year)
Pascual (First year)
Belinda (First year)

Laura (First year)
Alice (First year)
Ossie (Second year)
Max (First year)
James (Third year)
Sathya (Third year)
Isobel (First year)

History and Modern Languages Eebbaa (First year)
Nik (First year)
History and Politics Victoria (First year)
Sam (Second year)
History of Art Arianna (Third year)
Ruby (Second year)
Human, Social and Political Sciences

Ana-Maria (First year)
Jack (First year)
Rufus (First year)
Roslynn (Second year)
Diana (First year)
Fred (First year)

Land Economy Hannah (Second year)
Mati (First year)

Ayomide (First year)
Eri (First year)
Emily (First year)
Page (Third year)
Emma (Second year)


Leah (First Year)
Romany (Second Year)
Elliott (Second Year)
Imogen (Third year)
Arthur (First year)


Alex (Second year)
Anna (Second year)
Maria (First year)
James (Second year)
James 2(!) (Second year)
Xinhua (Third year)


Mithylan (Third year)
Barnaby (Third year)
Anissa (First year)
Kieran (Third year)
Rory (Second year)
Iona (First year)
Erin (First year)
George (Sixth year)
Anna (Fourth year)
Juliet (First year)
Neophytos (First year)

Modern and Medieval Languages

Sophie (Second year)
Yii-Ling (First year)
Ethan (Second year)
Juliette (Third year)
Callum (Third year)


Simon (Second year)
Emily (Second year)
Claire (Second year)

Natural Sciences

Rachel (First year)
Emily (Second year)
Sudina (First year)
Lucy (Second Year)
Elisavet (Second year)
Charlotte (Second year)
Arqum (Third year)
Adam (Second year)
Shadab (Third year)
Imogen (First year)
Ryan (Second year)
Eddie (Second year)
Xin-Yi (First year)
Stratis (Third year)
Hannah (First year)
James (First year)
Ellie (Second year)

Philosophy Nina (First year)
Imogen (First year)
Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

Oliwia (Second year)
Sylvie's profile (Second year)
Yasmin (Second year)
Oscar (First year)  
Liz (Second year)

Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion

Emily (Second year)
Clara (First year)
Boo (First Year)

Melissa (Second year)

Student Q&A Film

Student Q&A film
  Watch the Christ's student Q&A film

We asked our students to answer some of the most common questions we receive about life at Christ's - Click on this link to see what they said

Content (time in film):

  • What's your favourite thing about Christ's? (00:10);
  • What's the accommodation like? (01:54);
  • What's the food like? (03:32);
  • What's the library like? (05:43);
  • What's the work-life balance like? (06:57); 
  • What's the social scene like? (08:19);
  • Were you worried about anything before coming to university? (09:56);
  • Where can you go to relax? (11:43);
  • Why did you choose Christ's? (13:23).

"Reading the student experiences was a really nice way of getting to know the college and admissions process."

A previous Christ's applicant