We emphasise that this page is not comprehensive - it is just a few quick hints for visitors looking for food near the College.


The closest supermarkets to Christ's College are:

  • Tesco Express (5-6 Christ's lane - 0.02 miles) - Store info
    • Directions: Go out the green side gate in Second Court, and turn right onto Christ's Lane. The Tesco Express is slightly along the lane on your left.
    • Alternative Directions: Go left out of the main gate of Christ's (along St Andrew's Street) and take the next left into Christ's Lane. Tesco Express will be on your right slightly up Christ's Lane.
    • Map: Second Court side gate to Tesco Express
  • Tesco Express (3-5 Petty Cury - 0.02 miles) - Store info
    • Directions: Go out the front gate and up the Petty Curry pedestrian way with shops on either side. You'll find the Tesco Express shortly before you get to market square.
    • Map: Main gate to Tesco Express
  • Sainsbury's (42-45 Sidney Street - 0.13 miles) - Store info
    • Directions: Go out the car park side gate, turn right onto Hobson's Street, take the next left onto Hobson's passage and then at the end, turn right onto Sidney Street. Sainsbury's will be on your left.
    • Map: Christ's car park gate to Sainsbury's

Coffee Shops and Cafes

A few examples - there are lots of cafes and coffee shops

  • Starbucks (4 Christ's Lane) - Cafe info
  • Cafe Abantu (Hobson Street) - Cafe info (fair-trade or locally sourced ingredients)
  • Tatties Cafe (Hobson Street)
  • Cafe Nero (Market Street) - Cafe info
  • Pret a Manger (Market Street) - Cafe info

Restaurants and Food Vans

Here are a few examples:

  • There are a good range of Food Vans if you head for Cambridge Market, especially at lunch time. From Christ's main gate, go down the pedestrian way opposite (Petty Curry) and you'll find the market at the end.
  • Restaurants on St Andrew's Street / Regent Street (it's the same road - the name changes)
  • Restaurants on Petty Curry (pedestrian way opposite the main entrance)
  • Restaurants on Rose Crescent (off the market)
    • MacDonalds (fast food)
    • Gardies (kebabs, chips, falafel)
  • Restaurants on King Street (access via the back gate)

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