Offer holders

This section is for students holding an offer to study at Christ's College, Cambridge. 

Congratulations on your offer to study at Christ's. This section supports you from when you receive your offer in January until your place at Christ's is confirmed in August. 

Current points for Christ's offer holders!
  • Oct 2020 offer holders
    Not much will happen in this section now until mid-January when we make offers to the rest of your cohort! Please refer to the deferred entry page for details for now, the full offer holders section will be updated as appropriate by mid-January, and as deferred offer holders, we'll be in touch with each of you by email in late January. In the meantime have a lovely time on your gap year and don't forget to keep thinking and keep your degree-relevant skills sharp!
  • Student profiles
    We added quite a few new profiles to the student profiles page over the summer - we hope they will be an enjoyable and useful resource!
  • Details at the beginning of emails, please
    As Christ's offer-holders, please continue to start ALL emails with the details we need - this helps us to work more efficiently and answer your questions promptly. Many thanks! Here's an example of what we need:
         Kerry Davies, 
         Offer holder in Natural Sciences (Physical), 
         UCAS number: 1084772831

Contacting Christ's

As always, do get in touch by email if you have a question for us. The email address remains and please ensure that you start your message with your details so that we can respond as efficiently as possible. Here's an example: 

Kerry Davies, 
Offer holder in Natural Sciences (Physical), 
UCAS number: 1084772831

Please ensure that you get in touch with us directly if you have a question, as we are not able to liaise with teachers, parents and guardians about your offer. Many thanks for your understanding. 

"The friendly atmosphere is probably my favourite thing about Christ's, as you’re exposed to so many different people, and it’s small enough that you can get to know lots of people, but not so small that you feel cramped."

Nik, History and Modern Languages