This section is for students holding an offer to study at Christ's College, Cambridge.

Congratulations on your offer to study at Christ's. This section supports you from when you receive your offer in January until your place at Christ's is confirmed in August.

Current points for Christ's offer holders!

8 March - One for overseas students: Updates on Cambridge Trusts applications were sent by email yesterday and this morning - please check your inbox if you applied (and if you can't see the email, check your spam/junk folder). Many thanks!

7 March - One offer holder has reported a strange phone call in which somebody claimed to be setting up a Cambridge Offer Holders meeting and asked for personal details. We can confirm that this is nothing to do with the university. Please always be vigilant about giving out any personal information over the phone.

Details at the beginning of all emails, please!
As Christ's offer-holders, please start ALL emails with the details we need - this helps us to work more efficiently and answer your questions promptly. Many thanks! Here's a fictional example of what we need at the beginning of your emails:
      Kerry Davies, 
      Natural Sciences (Physical), 
      Offer for 2023 entry

The following pages are published in January each year: 

General / Ongoing

  1. Dates and deadlines for offer holders - crucial page!
  2. Offer holder questions
  3. When possible - Replying to your offer
  4. When possible - Financial info for offer holders 
  5. Ongoing - Seeing Christ's as an offer holder
  6. Ongoing - Changing your contact details

Stage A - the 10 Feb deadlines

  1. 10 Feb - Welcome & possible docs to send if you applied to another College
  2. 10 Feb - Upload a copy of your passport
  3. 10 Feb - Certificates to upload
  4. 10 Feb - English language results upload
  5. 10 Feb - Application for Cam Commonwealth, European & International Trusts Award
  6. 10 Feb - Visas (form & document upload)
  7. 10 Feb - Disability, Specific Learning Difficulty & illness - info to read and be aware of
  8. 10 Feb - Care leavers
  9. 10 Feb - If you have STEP conditions (read by 10 Feb, register for STEP by 4 May)
  10. 10 Feb - Classics (3yr) students apply for Summer school if relevant (see offer letter)
  11. 10 Feb - Fee Status Questionnaire (if relevant)
  12. 10 Feb - EU Settlement Scheme Status (if relevant)

Stage B - bits and bobs (mainly not too much should happen)

  1. 15 Feb - Choral Award applications
  2. 3 March (9am) - Christ's International Award Applications
  3. 17 March - Medicine deadlines
  4. When possible - Financial arrangements
  5. 30 April - Making changes to your exam entries
  6. 8 June (or when you're ready before) - Reply to your offer
  7. date tbc - Instrumental Award applications

Stage C - results & post results

  1. June - Financial Garanteee & evidence documents (international fee status only)
  2. 1 July - English Language conditions deadline
  3. Summer - A level and other results
  4. August - Accommodation form & info
  5. August / September - Bridging Course

Stage D - arrival in Cambridge

  1. August / September - Freshers' Events before you arrive
  2. October - Arriving in Cambridge
  3. October - Christ's International Freshers Week

Stage E - students with offers for 2024 entry and beyond

  1. Ongoing - Deferred entry (2024 and 2025 entry)

Contacting Christ's

As always, do get in touch by email if you have a question for us. The email address remains and please ensure that you start your message with your details so that we can respond as efficiently as possible. Here's an example: 

Kerry DAVIES, 
Natural Sciences (Physical), 
Offer holder for 2023 entry

Please ensure that you get in touch with us directly if you have a question, as we are not able to liaise with teachers, parents and guardians about your offer. Many thanks for your understanding. 

"The friendly atmosphere is probably my favourite thing about Christ's, as you’re exposed to so many different people, and it’s small enough that you can get to know lots of people, but not so small that you feel cramped."

Nik, History and Modern Languages