Deferred entry offer holders

This page is to support students holding an offer for 2022 or 2023 entry. It is part of the offer-holders section.

Building in Christ's Congratulations on your offer! For deferred entry offer holders, there is more than a year between receiving your offer in mid-January and starting your course at Christ's.

When you are reading the offer holders section, note that since yours is a deferred offer, some of the information in the section relates to this year and some of the information will be about things that you do next year (and if your offer is for 2023, some will even be about things you do the year after!). This dedicated page for deferred entry offer holders should help clarify when you need to do things.


In the year you receive your offer

When reading the dates and deadlines page, note that the deadlines which you need to meet in the year you receive your offer are as follows:

NB. The full offer holders section is published in mid-January each year so once you've done the things above, note that between September and January, some pages may not be available to you. 

From January of the year you start your course

We will update the offer holders section for your entry year and email you in mid-January of the year you are due to start at Christ's. The email we send will be an update on your offer, now including financial information for your entry year, the new Terms of Admissions, and we will remind you that you must now meet the remaining deadlines listed on the dates and deadlines page from January to August in the year before you are due to start at Christ's, in particular:

If your year of entry needs updating in UCAS Track

  • Most deferred offer holders are given their deferred offer in January. UCAS Track will then display the correct entry year by the end of January. Therefore the following points will not apply to you.
  • If the Director of Admissions has agreed to change your entry year in the time since we made the offer in January, then once we have processed this, UCAS will contact you to ask you to formally accept a change to your entry year. It's very important that you follow their instruction promptly when asked.
  • Those who need a two-year deferral (for reasons of National Service commitments) will receive a one-year deferred offer via UCAS in the first instance. This is because it's not possible to enter a two-year deferral at UCAS. Please email us in the autumn of the year after you applied to ask us to defer your place for another year. The timeline will look like this:
    • if you applied by 15 October 2020 for entry in 2023, you will receive an offer for 2022 with UCAS (even though the Christ's offer letter we send you will say 2023).
    • if you meet the conditions of your offer, your place will be confirmed in late August 2021 (we will write to you)
    • when the next admissions cycle opens in September 2021, please email us to ask us to defer your place to 2023
    • UCAS will contact you to ask you to formally accept a change to your entry year. Please ensure that you reply promptly.


Third Court and picnic tables

If you hold a conditional offer

If your offer has academic conditions, then after you have taken your exams, and assuming that you have met the grades we require, we will write to you at the same time as everybody else in mid-August to formally confirm that your offer is now an unconditional offer. There is nothing that you need to do in response to this letter.

You won't hear much from us in September - December 2021, as this is the period in which the rest of your cohort will make their applications, and have their assessment and interviews. The following January we will update the dates and deadlines page for your entry year, and in late January, we will email you with an update including financial information for your entry year and the updated Terms of Admissions for your entry year.


Other information

Please be aware that information in the offer holders' section may be updated so we advise you to read it periodically.

Tuition fee information will be updated on the university website at the links provided below once the information for 2022 and 2023 entry is confirmed.

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