The dates for Christ's College International Freshers Week 2023 will be confirmed here nearer the time. It is organised by the Christ's International Student reps and is designed to help students from outside the UK settle in. These days are entirely optional and you don’t need to arrive early to attend them unless you want to. You won’t be disadvantaged in any way if you miss them.

Things organised as part of Christ's International Freshers Week normally include both social and practical help:

  • tours
  • trips to the bank
  • trips to cell phone providers
  • social events

Further information will be sent to you in your Freshers Pack if relevant, and please see Arriving at Christ's for details of when you can arrive.

NB. You may also want to attend one of the Freshers Events over the summer - these take place in quite a few countries around the world as well as in the UK.

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