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First Court, with Darwin's old room labelled on the wall!

This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College. 

Your offer letter sets out the annual tuition fees for your course in the box on the first page, and in the 'tuition fees and other costs' section, there is also an estimate of additional expenses for accommodation, living expenses and personal expenses whilst you are a student. When you receive your offer letter, please take time to read it carefully as well as the financial information on the University admissions website, which includes information for overseas students.


Student finance applications
(2024 entry)

In addition to the financial information in your offer letter, the following pages have information for students starting a course in October 2024.

The information is different depending on your fee status. Please read the relevant page below for your fee status (which may be different from where you currently live - check your offer letter): 

  • Home fee status (2024 entry)
    • Actions needed (see link for details)
      • Read about Cambridge Bursaries and Educational Premiums (no application process as such, but you need to check the info)
      • Apply for student finance when applications open (about March). You are advised to apply sooner rather than later to avoid delays in receiving payments.
      • Send Fee Status Questionnaire by 1 July if you are not applying for student finance.
  • Overseas fee status (2024 entry)
    • Actions needed (see link for details)
      • Apply for a Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship by 31 Jan if you are from an area of instability or zone of conflict and, or have been, at risk of discrimination, persecution, suffering, violence or other abuse of your human rights.
      • Apply for Cambridge Trusts Award by 9 Feb if you have financial need
      • Apply for Christ's International Award by 1 March if you have financial need (the form will be emailed to you in the second half of February)
      • Apply for any local scholarships if you have financial need
      • Upload your Financial Guarantee and evidence documents as soon as possible and by 6 June at latest if you are not waiting to hear scholarship application results
      • Upload your Financial Guarantee and evidence documents by 30 June if you needed to wait for scholarship application results.

If your offer is for deferred 2025 or 2026 entry, please see the page for deferred entry

Once you start your course

Student talking

All the practical information about joining Christ's will be sent to you in the September before you start, and this includes full details about payment of fees and College bills etc.



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