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This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College. 

If you have not already sent them (e.g. with a transcript), please could you now send a scanned copy of certificates for formal qualifications that you have already taken and that you mentioned in your UCAS application. The deadline for us to receive these is 31 January and instructions for how to send them are below.

Update: the 31 January deadline has now past, but if you receive further certificates (e.g. English Language qualifications, Music exams, Olympiad medals etc) between now and August, please send them when you receive them, following the same instructions below.

Which certificates we need 

You will see in your offer letter that we need 'copies of your examination certificates relating to any completed examinations referred to in your UCAS application'. Obviously, different students will have taken different qualifications, however the certificates we need to receive a copy of include, for example:

  • Your GCSE / IGCSE certificates (if you took GCSE / IGCSEs)
  • Your IB Middle Years Programme certificate
  • Your AS level certificates (if you took AS levels)
  • Your Scottish Higher certificates
  • Your A level certificates (if you've already taken one or more A levels)
  • Your IB Diploma certificates (If you've already taken the IB Diploma)
  • Your STEP certificates (if you have already taken any STEP exams)
  • Equivalent certificates for qualifications in other countries if they were not included in your transcript.
  • For non-native speakers, your IELTS, TOEFL or other English Language certificates if you have any. We need these even if you do not have an English Language condition, or even if you have an English Language condition but have not yet met the level required and will be retaking the qualification - we must receive a copy of your results for every sitting you do. There is a page about English language conditions

This request for certificates also includes any vocational or extra-curricular qualifications that you mentioned in your UCAS application if they have been formally assessed, for example:

  • ABRSM Music Performance and Theory Awards
  • Trinity College London Music Performance qualifications
  • LAMDA Speech and Drama qualifications
  • ASDAN Award in Community Volunteering
  • Signature Certificate in British Sign Language
  • BTECH Diplomas

This is not an exhaustive list.

How to send your certificates (deadline: 31 January 2020)

STEP 1: Please scan your certificates into ONE pdf file on a computer. The file should not be larger than 3MB. If you need help with scanning, we recommend that you ask a friend or relative who has a scanner, or ask your school.

STEP 2: Please save your pdf on your computer with the file name in this specific format:
Subject (including Biological or Physical if Natural Sciences) - Offer holder certificates - FAMILY NAME First name

Here's an example: for the fictional Mohammed Ifraz applying for Medicine, the file name would be Medicine - Offer holder certificates - IFRAZ Mohammed

STEP 3: Please open the pdf on your computer. Scroll all the way through, checking that all the pages are there, all pages are the right way up and all pages are legible.

STEP 4: Please compose your email, noting that you are sending it to our address for receiving documents (admissionsdocuments@christs.cam.ac.uk) rather than the normal one for correspondence. The subject line should be in the format Subject - Offer holder certificates - FAMILY NAME First name.
Please also include full details in the body of your email.

Sample email

To: admissionsdocuments@christs.cam.ac.uk
Subject: Medicine - Offer holder certificates - IFRAZ Mohammed

Dear Christ's Admissions,

Mohammed IFRAZ
Medicine offer holder
UCAS Personal ID: 1083791584

Please find attached my offer holder certificates.

Many thanks,

Please don't include any questions or correspondence in your email. The email should be for sending the document only. If you need to send your passport or other documents as well, please send these in separate emails. Please do not copy in admissions@christs.cam.ac.uk (our address for correspondence) when sending your document as we only want to receive it once. 

STEP 5: Please attach the pdf to your email (do not include it as an image in the body of the email).

STEP 6: Please check and press send! Many thanks.

Emails sent to admissionsdocuments@christs.cam.ac.uk are acknowledged within three working days (if sending close to the deadline, note that if it was sent by 31 January, that will be fine, even if it is acknowledged afterwards). If we have a problem opening the file or there's something wrong with the document you have sent for some reason, we'll let you know (as ever).

Thank you for your help in sending your document following our instructions - it helps us to process everything as efficiently and accurately as possible.

What to do if you can't find a certificate

If you are unable to find a certificate, there is normally information about how to order a replacement copy on the relevant awarding body website, or you could look for a contact email address and ask how to get a replacement. 

If you've not yet taken some of your qualifications

Remember that we know from your application which qualifications you have taken and which (if any) you are completing this year and so have not yet taken. We are only expecting you to send certificates for the qualifications you have already taken by 31 January. For those of you who are taking exams between January and July, information about how we receive the results for those (and whether you need to send us anything for your qualification) is on the exam results page

If you applied to a different College 

If you applied to a different College, there may be additional documents to send to us. Please see the request for 'catch up' documents on your dedicated page here. Thank you. 

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