This page answers any current questions from offer holders. It is part of the Christ's College offer-holders section.

This information has two sections:

General questions

Will it be OK if I have to upload something after the 10 February deadline?
Apart from Cambridge Trusts applications, yes. The various upload tools will remain on the pages and we'll process when possible. Note that you may get reminders if you're late with some things that we need.

Can I visit the College as an offer holder?
Yes, please see the page on seeing Christ's as an offer holder for the options. There are webinars in early February and an organised tour for offer holders in early April, plus opportunity to do a self-guided visit on other dates if you are in Cambridge at another time. NB if you are planning to do a self-guided visit, please read the self-guided visits page carefully for info and to avoid disappointment as there are occasional closure dates etc.

I noticed on my offer letter it said the Engineering course was a 3-year course with the option of completing a 4th year to upgrade from a BA to a MEng. However on the Cambridge website the engineering course is only available as a 4 year course. 
All offers for Engineering (across the whol
e university) are given for three years and then, as it says below the table ‘subject to satisfactory academic performance, you may undertake a further year of study for the MEng or MSci degree resulting in a course of four years of study in total’. There is no other kind of offer for Engineering.

I have a question about accommodation
Please see the
offer holders accommodation page.


Questions specific to international students

Can I apply for both the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust Awards AND the Christ's College International Awards?
Yes. If you have financial need, we encourage you to apply for both. It is possible to be awarded both a Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust Award and a Christ's College International Award. Initially, we only send an email about the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust Awards because you need to make the application by 10 February. We email about the Christ's College International Awards when applications open a little later. See the offer holders finances section for more detail.

I am uploading my IELTS / TOEFL score report. Do I need to also get an original sent to you at Christ's?
No - please only upload the score report. Please don't try to send us an original (you only need to do the things we've asked you to do).

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