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This page answers any current questions from offer holders. It is part of the offer-holders section.

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Recent questions (in Coronavirus times..)

14 April: What should I focus on when studying at home?

Following a recent survey completed by those of you with academic conditions, we plan to publish some home study advice for those of you who would otherwise have been at school (expected timing: early next week). This is intended to guide you in what to prioritise in your home studies at this time (particularly for those who have said that your school has not given much guidance).

24 March: I am struggling to find general information for international students not undertaking A-Level Examinations

The information published by UK Gov relates to students in the UK system. As you are aware, things can be quite different from one country to another in terms of what is happening. I’m afraid that with offer holders in many countries around the world (and with many different native languages, many of which we don’t speak) it is not possible for us to post links and information relevant to every exam system. If you are studying outside the UK, you will need to look out for information about what is happening in your country, once available.

If your exams are going ahead, then you would sit the exams and would need you to send us the results as usual ( ). Our advice would be to work hard on any resources your school is providing online in preparation for your exams. Note the information about a document needed from your school *before you sit the exams* - see . We need you to provide the information for us about circumstances so that we can assess you fairly when we receive your exam results. Alternatively if your exams are cancelled, we will need you to inform us of this when it happens.

23 March: I have heard some people saying that due to the current circumstances we should firm and insure our choices on UCAS as quickly as possible. I will be firming Cambridge, but I am yet to hear from my insurance university. Do I need to firm Cambridge now, or will waiting for my insurance cause an issue?

At the time of writing (23 March), there's no change to the information here about replying to your offers i.e. you have until the relevant deadline. Please don't feel pressured into making / confirming decisions before you are ready to. Should anything change about this we would certainly let you know (but we don't currently see why this part of the process would change).


General questions

What if I have missed one of the 31 January deadlines?
In most cases we can manage. Please do whatever it is that you've not done now without fuss (i.e. no need to send us extra emails about it being past the deadline) and we will process it for you in the normal way when we can. Please remember to follow the instructions on the relevant page carefully, and you will get the acknowledgement email within three working days as usual. Many thanks! We know that a few of you had to wait to get hold of documents. One exception - we are not able to consider late Cambridge Trusts applications.

It would be very helpful for me if you could let me know what the term dates are.
Sure - we've updated the arriving in Cambridge page (for 2020 entry) now and the term dates are here, however please be aware that we can’t guarantee that this will encompass everything that applies to you specifically - you may need to arrive a little earlier / leave a little later etc.

Questions specific to international students

There is no language test requirement listed in my offer letter, but on the offer holder section webpage it says that every offer holder should send every sitting of their test results. I would like to know that whether I still need to send all of them.
Yes, you do need to send your English Language test results, whether or not you have an English Language condition as part of your offer. Details about how to send them are on the English Language page.


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