Offer holder current questions

This page answers any current questions from offer holders. It is part of the offer-holders section.

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General questions

When is the arrival date for the first term?
The arriving in Cambridge page has now been updated with the dates. See the relevant info.

I noticed on my offer letter it said the Engineering course was a 3-year course with the option of completing a 4th year to upgrade from a BA to a MEng. However on the Cambridge website the engineering course is only available as a 4 year course. 
All offers for Engineering (across the whole university) are given for three years and then, as it says below the table ‘subject to satisfactory academic performance, you may undertake a further year of study for the MEng or MSci degree
resulting in a course of four years of study in total’. There is no other kind of offer for Engineering.

Can I upload new passport copies via the same form as we used for 12 February?
Yes. If you've got a new passport, see the same page and complete the upload form even if you do so in June! Many thanks!

Questions specific to international students

I am uploading my IELTS / TOEFL score report. Do I need to also get an original sent to you at Christ's?
No - please only upload the score report. Please don't try to send us an original (you only need to do the things we've asked you to do). As we are working from home, we will not receive score reports sent by post, and this is not needed as once we have your uploaded score report we can verify it remotely.

Currently I have not taken any English language assessment and under the conditions of the offer, I am not required to undertake an English language assessment either. However, I do intend on taking the TOEFL assessment during the final week of February as a precautionary measure. If I intend to take the English language assessment after the date of 12th February, am I required to submit the assessment score to Christ’s?
Yes - 12 February is the deadline to send any English Language results that you already have at the time you receive the offer. For English Language results that you don't yet have (because you've not yet taken the Test), you send these when you receive them.

There is no language test requirement listed in my offer letter, but on the offer holder section webpage it says that every offer holder should send every sitting of their test results. I would like to know that whether I still need to send all of them.
Yes, you do need to send any English Language test results (IELTS Academic, TOEFL etc.), whether or not you have an English Language condition as part of your offer. Details about how to send them are on the English Language page.


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