This page answers any current questions from offer holders. It is part of the Christ's College offer-holders section.

This information has two sections:

General questions

What if I missed a 9 Feb deadline or receive the information needed after the deadline?

We have a 'no fuss' approach to missed deadlines. If you can see the table below for what to do and then do it quickly, correctly (i.e. follow the instructions on the relevant offer holders page precisely) and without fuss, we will do our best to process it efficiently for you. What we don't have capacity to do is answer emails about late forms and documents. Thank you for your understanding.

What deadline is missed? What to do
Catch-up documents for students who applied to a different College Please send these now, forllowing the instructions, and we will still accept them - please do not email us about sending them late.
Passport copy Please upload it now and we will still accept it - we will also continue to accept passports through the year if you are renewing your passport (if you need a visa you are advised to upload your renewed passport no later than May)
Certificates for exam results you already had at the time of application Please upload them now and we will still accept them - please do not email us about it
Care leavers Please follow the instructions now
English Language results We should now have your documents for English langauge results you already had when you applied, however please upload new results as you receive them through the year. Remember you must upload your results for every test sitting, even if you do not achieve the scores required and plan to take the test again.
Cambridge Trusts application Please email us as a matter of urgency if you missed this deadline.
Visa info and form Please complete the visa questions form now and do not email us about it. Note that in some cases there may be processing delays if you are late with visa information.
Fee status questionnaire Please email us if you decide you would like your fee status reviewed but it is after 9 February.


Can I visit the College as an offer holder
Yes, please see the page on seeing Christ's as an offer holder for the options. There are webinars late January and an organised tour for offer holders in April, plus opportunity to do a self-guided visit on other dates if you are in Cambridge at another time. NB if you are planning to do a self-guided visit, please read the self-guided visits page carefully for info and to avoid disappointment as there are occasional closure dates etc.

I have a question about accommodation
Please see the offer holders accommodation page.


Questions specific to international students

Note for offer holders in Singapore who are about to receive (new) Singapore A level results - when you get your results, please email them to See receiving exam results. These are different to any exams that were listed as already completed in your UCAS application and that you upload certificates for as part of the 9 Feb deadlines -  your 2024 Singapore A level results are new results that we need to process to check you've met offer conditions etc. Many thanks! And fingers crossed!

Can I apply for both the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust Awards AND the Christ's College International Awards?
Yes. If you have financial need, we encourage you to apply for both. It is possible to be awarded both a Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust Award and a Christ's College International Award.

I am uploading my IELTS / TOEFL score report. Do I need to also get an original sent to you at Christ's?
No - please only upload the score report. Please don't try to send us an original (you only need to do the things we've asked you to do).

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