This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College. 

Student sitton on chair in bedroomFollowing the offer letters, a very small number of offer holders may need to complete a Fee Status Questionnaire. This is ONLY needed if EITHER Christ's Admissions Office has emailed you to ask you to complete one OR if you have received an overseas fee status offer letter and would like us to review your fee status (please read your offer letter carefully for information about this).

If you need to send a Fee Status Questionnaire, this involves completing the questionnaire itself, collecting the documents that go with it, saving the questionnaire and documents as a pdf file on your computer and then uploading it via the offer holders fee status questionnaire upload tool by 9 February following our instructions below.


  • If the timing is too tight for you to send your fee status questionnaire by 9 February, please email to confirm that you are completing the questionnaire and request an extension.
  • Depending on when you upload your Fee Status Questionnaire and documents, how busy things are and whether we need to ask further questions, we may not be able to review your fee status before the Cambridge Trusts Award application deadline. If you have financial need and it gets to the day before the deadline, you are advised to apply for a Cambridge Trusts Award in case your fee status is overseas following the review.

How to save your fee status questionnaire and documents as a pdf, and where to upload it 

Please follow these steps to send your fee status questionnaire and documents to us.

STEP 1: Download and complete the Fee Status Questionnaire below:

STEP 2: The questionnaire asks you to attach multiple documents, including your passport, evidence of your residency since September 2021 etc. Please read the questionnaire thoroughly to ensure that you have understood all of the documents that are needed, make a list of what you need and collect the documents.

STEP 3: Please save your fee status questionnaire and documents as ONE pdf file containing the complete questionnaire FOLLOWED BY your evidence documents.

STEP 4: Please save your pdf on your computer with the file name in this specific format:

  • 7 - Fee Status Questionnaire and documents - SURNAME First name - Subject - UCAS Personal ID (with no dashes)

Here's an example: for the fictional for example, for the fictional Martina RODRIGUEZ holding an offer for Natural Sciences (Biological), the file name might be:

  • 7 - Fee Status Questionnaire - RODRIGUEZ Martina - Natural Sciences (Biological) - 1093844382

Note that there is a space before and after each hypen, and there is a number at the beginning.

STEP 5: Please open the file on your computer and check that it is legible and that the pages are in the right order.

STEP 6: Please then complete the following upload tool, which includes a question that allows you to upload your pdf. Please make sure that you see the confirmation screen once you have clicked on submit form.

If we have a problem opening the file or if there's something wrong with what you have sent for some reason, we'll let you know (as ever).

Thank you for your help in sending your Offer Holder Fee Status Questionnaire and documents following our instructions - it helps us to process everything for you as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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