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This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College. 

Important update

Christ's College is currently closed to visitors. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to visit as an offer holder until further notice.

There is no requirement at all to visit Cambridge / Christ's whilst you're holding an offer, but we know that offer holders sometimes want to visit. You are very welcome to visit the College you want to. Please introduce yourself as an offer holder to the College porters when you arrive, and they will allow you to come in and look around wherever possible. There is a Christ's College self-guided tour, which you may find helpful as you walk around.

There is no offer holders open day, but if you have not had the opportunity to visit Christ's before for your interview in the application process, for an open day or on a residential event (i.e. if you were interviewed overseas and were unable to visit before applying, or if you applied to a different College), if you email us well in advance, we would be happy to try to arrange a meeting / a brief guided tour for you if possible. This very much depends on timing and availability so please understand that whilst we will do what we can, we can't guarantee it in every case. 

The College is open all year round at the following times, except during the Christmas close down and during the Quiet Period before and during university exams (normally May to mid-June)

  • College Grounds 09:00 - 16.00, Seven days a week
  • Fellows' Garden 09.00 - 16.00, Monday to Friday only

You may also visit the Old Library at times when it is open to the public. The College librarians put on a number of interesting exhibitions through the year. 

Of course, we'll show you around properly when you arrive as a new student. It's not possible to see inside the accommodation and find out about lots of the practical things until you arrive - we do all of that with you in the first week. 

As for visiting Cambridge more generally, there are a number of museums and collections that are mostly free to enter (check details for individual museums), and if you time it right, you could visit for a Sixth Form Physics Lecture or public events such as the Science Festival or Open Cambridge. The university what's on website can be useful!

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"The best thing about Christ's is the people. Everyone is so lovely and I've made so many friends for life, from all over the world!"

Jasmine (2nd Year Medicine student from Essex)