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This section provides support for students of any nationality applying to Christ's from within the UK, including those who live abroad during the holidays but who attend school in the UK.

  • IMPORTANT: If you are instead applying from outside the UK, please read the international application support section instead - the information below does not include details for those applying from outside the UK.

We aim to give all the detail you need to make a strong application so that students from all backgrounds can make the best application possible.

Updates box
  • If you are considering an application to Christ's in October 2024, welcome! Please read how to apply for an overview of the application process, and we will publish our current applicants section on 20 September to guide you through the process.

  • There have been some changes to tests that are taken in some subjects (see the subject pages):

    • Medicine - the BMAT has been replaced with UCAT.
    • Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Natural Sciences - the NSAA and ENGAA have been replaced by the ESAT.
    • Computer Science and Economics - although the assessment is still the TMUA, the provider and details for sitting it have changed.


Fox in the Fellows GardenThe information in the links below supports you with the initial stage of the application process: making a valid application. It provides details of the various forms and deadlines as well as application advice. Once you have sent your various forms and made a valid application, you will then be supported via the detailed current applicants section (published on 20 September each year for both UK and international applicants).

Applicant Webinar Series
The Applicant Webinar Series takes place online in Sept - Nov

If you have questions once you have read the information, please send them to It would be helpful if you can include which subject you are planning to apply for and what subjects you are currently studying (if you are at school or college) at the beginning of your email.

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