Online Extenuating Circumstances form (deadline 22 Oct)

This page is part of the Christ's College, Cambridge application support for UK students. If you are applying from outside the UK, please see the International application support in the international section.

If your education or home life has been seriously disrupted or disadvantaged through health, disability, difficulties with schooling (other than Covid-19), or challenging personal or family circumstances, please ask a teacher (or if preferable a doctor or social worker) to send us an Online Extenuating Circumstances Form. This is an additional reference to ensure that we are able to take your circumstances into account when assessing your application. 

Please do not use this form for COVID-19-related educational disruption, as we'll ask all applicants about this on a separate form.

Click here for the Extenuating Circumstances form for Christ's College.
Please ignore the 26 Oct deadline mentioned on the form as it is a standard text - the deadline at Christ's is 22 October.

Who can send the form

  • a school teacher or tutor 
  • a doctor
  • a social worker

It is not possible to complete the form yourself.

How to send the form

It's an online form so the relevant person just needs to Click here for the Christ's College Online Extenuating Circumstances form, fill it in and press submit at the end. They will see a screen confirming that the form has been received safely.


The deadline is 22 October

The Christ's deadline for the Online Extenuating Circumstances Form is 22 October (23:59). Meeting this deadline ensures that the form is part of your application from the beginning. Please could you be clear with the person completing the form that at Christ's it is needed by 22 October as the form unfortunately has some standard text which mentions 26 October (we are unable to change this).

We will accept Extenuating Circumstances Forms received after 22 October, but plase be aware that we can only consider information that is part of your application at the time it is read. Forms sent later in the appplication process may be too late for the stage when we are selecting students for interview, but in that case they would be considered as part of any post-interview decision-making.

If your circumstances relate to a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term illness

Please also read the page for applicants with a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long term illness. In some cases it is appropriate to send both forms.

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