If you are selected by Christ's for interview, these will take place online, so there is no need for anyone to travel to Cambridge for interviews. We advise you to watch the following three films to start off with:

Title: Preparing for your online interview
Preparing for your online interview
Title of film: What to expect at your online interview
What to expect at your online interview
Title: Cambridge interviews myths
Cambridge interview myths

We've interviewed online for the past four years and can confirm that the online format does not affect how we assess applicants. Most of our applicants do their interviews at home, but you could do your interviews from school if you prefer (e.g. if you are worried about your home internet connection or don't have a quiet space). We provide a webinar to help students set-up for interviews during the application process. If the subject page for your course says that there's a written assessment for students invited for interview, note that these are also online.

Interviews are similar to Cambridge supervisions.

The following films have been made by some of the other Colleges to give prospective students examples of what online interivews are like in specific subjects, though please don’t make the mistake of assuming that your interviews will be exactly like these – remember they are only examples, and your interview may have a different structure or focus on different topics.


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