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When you complete My Cambridge Application, you will be asked to upload a transcript if needed. For most UK students who are currently still at school and took GCSE/IGCSEs or Scottish National Qualifications, a transcript will not be needed.

A transcript is needed if

  • you have not taken six or more GCSEs/IGCSEs, or five or more Scottish National Qualifications in the last three years.
    • e.g. those who studied outside the UK and took non-UK qualifications at age 15/16.
    • e.g. students who were ill etc. at the time of GCSE's and did a reduced number
    • e.g. mature students who took GCSE's more than three years ago.
  • you are studying at university.
    • If you have taken any university exams you need to send a transcript for these, and if you have not taken UK qualifications before university, you will also need to send a High School Transcript.
    • If you are studying at university but have not yet taken any exams (e.g if you have only just started your course), you do not need to send a university transcript, however you will need to send a High School Transcript if you have not taken non-UK qualifications before university.
    • Please also read the relevant information about applying from a university.

There is a transcript flowchart if you want to check this.

If you need to upload a transcript

A transcript is an official record of the exams you've taken and the grades or scores you got in each subject. It would normally cover your education from Year 11 (or age 15/16), There is an example transcript to give you an idea of what we are looking for.

  • If you took the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), you should submit a transcript for the MYP.

You will need to request the transcript from your school and have it ready, saved as a pdf (not exceeding 3MB) on your computer. There is a guide to creating your pdf. When you are filling in your My Cambridge Application form, you will be asked to upload your transcript.

Further information is on the Cambridge Admissions website.

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