The Chapel stands in First Court, at the heart of the college, as a place of worship, reflection and enquiry. It is also a focus for the college community, where all are welcome. The Chapel is open every day, for those seeking a time of quietness, or to pray.  

Christ's College has one of the finest mixed-voice choirs in Cambridge, and, during Term, the Choir enriches the worship of the Chapel by singing Evensong on Thursdays (6.45pm) and Sundays (6pm). Coming to Evensong is a wonderful way to hear the Choir, to explore the Christian faith, and to get to know a lively community of students, staff and Fellows. In addition, a weekly service of Morning Prayer takes place on Sunday mornings (9:30am).

There are plenty of other Chapel events as well, including special choral services and recitals, Chapel Dinners, and weekly meetings for those who would like to find out more about Christianity. The Chaplain has rooms in Second Court (A1) and is available to speak to any member of the College, in confidence, on any matter. He maintains a reasonable supply of hot drinks and quality biscuits.  

For more information on Chapel life, you can  email the Chaplain ( You can also keep in touch with all the latest Chapel news through our pages on Facebook and Twitter.  Various resources and recording are also available on our YouTube channel.



Lent term 2023

Chapel resumes as normal at the following times:

Sunday Mornings (9:30am): Morning Prayer in the Chaplain's rooms A1 Second Court

Sunday Evenings (6pm): Choral Evensong. 

Thursday Evening (6:45pm): Choral Evensong. 

The full termcard can be accessed here. 

Sunday evensong will also be streamed to the Chapel's YouTube channel and the order of service can be downloaded here


Use of Chapel Policy

The Chapel is used for a variety of services, including Choral Evensong on Sundays in Full Term, and weddings during the University vacation.  It is also used for musical events and rehearsals during term-time.  All services and events that use the Chapel space (including any visiting speakers or performers) are managed by the Chaplain, and subject to his approval (and to the approval of the Master, who is the Ordinary of the Chapel).