Student Life


Upper Hall, the canteen of Christ's College, Cambridge

Christ's has many options for meals - students can eat in Upper Hall (the College canteen), get sandwiches and snacks through the day in the Buttery cafe, book in for a formal dinner with friends or use the basic gyp room / kitchen facilities in the accommodation. More information about the different options in College can be found here.

Anissa, who studies Medicine at Christ's, says:

" Upper Hall (the college canteen) is a brilliant way to socialise with friends. All the medics head there every day for lunch after lectures, and it's the perfect break between lectures and self-study. It's a great way to meet friends spontaneously and to socialise with different people over each meal. It really helps to bring together the college community, as you get to know everyone."

"One thing I really love about Christ's is the great-value food in our canteen, Upper Hall (unlimited sides!)."

Belinda, currently studying Geography at Christ's
The Old and New libraries at Christ's College, Cambridge
        The Old and New libraries at Christ's


Our foundress Lady Margaret Beaufort was particularly concerned with the provision of books for her new College. Following her original donation of 39 texts, the Library has grown to accommodate an ever-expanding number of books and readers. Today we have over 90,000 printed books and manuscripts serving the needs of students, Fellows, staff, and researchers. More information about the Library at Christ's can be found here.


Pascual, who studies Geography at Christ's, says:

"The Christ’s library is well lit and cosy, especially during the winter months when it gets cold and dark outside. It also contains most of the books you will need to read for the degree!"

"The librarians are really friendly and helpful, and can usually order in any books you need."

Anna, currently studying Medicine at Christ's

Chapel, Choir and Music

The choir of Christ's College, Cambridge, during a service in the College chapel.The College Chapel is in First Court, at the heart of the college. It is open every day and all are welcome. Christ's Chapel is very much a community space, variously hosting singing and music (there is a grand piano) as well as quiet reflection, prayer and the services that take place. The College also has a very active Music Society with lots of opportunities to get involved.

Chapel and Choir
Music Society

Simon, who studied Music at Christ's, says:

"I sing in the College Chapel choir, which rehearses three times a week. This is probably what I've enjoyed most in my time at Christ's - it's been a fantastic experience both musically and socially."

"No matter how stressed I am about work, when I get to choir I forget about everything outside and just focus on the music – it’s a real antidote to the manic Cambridge experience."

Tom, currently studying Classics at Christ's

Exercise and SportMembers of Christ's Ladies' Football team celebrating a goal in a Cuppers match.

Many students enjoy continuing with previous sporting interests or picking up something new. With both College and University level clubs and activities, there are opportunities for a full range of sports and exercise, suitable for all levels. Information about sports teams and facilities can be found here


Matt, who studied Computer Science at Christ's, says:

"I find that getting involved with extra-curricular activities actually makes you work more effectively, whilst also giving you a nice break from work."

"I love playing sport, and happily the College is full of like-minded people, contributing to an extensive sports scene!"

Rory, currently studying Medicine at Christ's


Students during a performance of 'Much Ado About Nothing' in the Fellows Garden at Christ's College, CambridgeWith its own theatre, and a drama society which produces three shows a year and funds many more, Christ's is home to a vibrant student theatre community. More information about theatre at Christ's can be found here.


Becca, who studies Computer Science at Christ's, says:

"I’ve enjoyed getting involved in a handful of productions, mostly put on by Christ’s Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS). I’ve done tech for a couple of shows, stage managed a couple and taken a few publicity photographs and headshots. Even though I’m not acting, it’s fun to be part of the production as a whole."

"There’s always something to get involved in! If you don’t want to act, then you can do lighting design, stage manage, or direct."

Dylan, currently studying Computer Science at Christ's

'Art & Chill', the weekly meet-up of the Christ's Art SocietyVisual Arts

Christ's has a long tradition of fostering the visual arts, and our alumni include Anthony Caro (sculptor), Nicholas Serota (Director of The Tate), Philip King (sculptor), Anthony Smith (sculptor), Auguste Bréal (painter), Charles Suamarez Smith (historian), Simon Schama(historian) and Dee Ferris (painter), amongst others. More information about Visual Arts in Christ's can be found here.


Mira, who studied Education at Christ's, says: 

"I was really attracted by the Visual Arts scene at Christ's. During my time here, a few friends and I founded the Art Society and our Art & Chill sessions now have several similar versions across the university."

"A few friends and I founded the Art Society and our Art & Chill sessions now have several similar versions across the university."

Mira, who studied Education at Christ's

Further Societies

As well as the Music Society, Sports societies and Drama Society, there are a number of further College societies, some of which are managed by students with financial support from the College. Many college societies have set up their own web pages which you can find through the MCR and JCR.

This is a small selection of the societies at Christ's!