The Chapel is in First Court and is open to all members of College as a quiet space for reflection. In addition to the regular services held in term time, the chapel is also used for concerts and drama performances.

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Cheist's College, Cambridge Chapel Chapel seen from above
Ornate book stand Candle
Group of students talking in Chapel Window handle
View down middle of Chapel Ornate bookstand


The Chapel has a Kawai grand piano and a Bishop organ, both of which you can use if you are Grade 6 or above (the music room in the basement of the Yusuf Hamied Centre has an upright piano and drum kit available for all to use, and students studying Music also have an electronic piano with headphones in their room). See the music practice and performance spaces page for more information.

If you would like to find out more, there are pages/sections on The Chapel Choir, the Music Society, the College Chaplain and Organ Awards. There are also annual choral open days and organ playing open days for prosepective students who think they might be interested (these are organised by the university and normally take place in April - details will be in the Music Award info on the university website).

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