ChandelierThere is a good range of spaces in College for our Music practice and smaller performance activities.

Bill Fitzgerald Music Room

Our very exciting news is that the Bill Fitzgerald Music Practice RoomMusic Room - both a practice and performance space - is now open in Yusuf Hamied Court (our new building).

The Bill Fitzgerald Music Room is for

  • singing and instrumental practice
  • group singing and instrumental practice
  • smaller performances such as recitals

It has a new Steinway piano, and there are three store rooms off the main space so that chairs, instruments and other equipment can be moved as appropriate.

The room is set up for hybrid events, with a built-in AV system and camera and Professor David Trippet was involved in working on the acoustics for the room himself.


Music Practice Room, New Court

We have a basic Music practice room in the basement of New Court (in the Yusuf Hamied Centre)Music practice room.

This room has an upright piano, an electric piano, a drum kit, music stands, and the Christ's Music Society has some instruments and sheet music in there too if you are in the society (there is also some music in the Working Library).

The Music Practice room is for

  • instrument and singing practice
  • playing the piano (upright piano)
  • playing in a band with amps and drum kit.

The Chapel

Choir rehearsalMusically, the Chapel is used for

  • organ practice
  • choral evensong
  • concerts

See the Chapel picture page.

Theatre and Z Amenity Room

Large group / dance rehearsals with a piano take place in either the Theatre or Z Amenity Room (in the Todd Building basement), where there are upright pianos and plenty of space!


Students studying Music

Students studying Music have an electronic piano with headphones in their room.


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