Maths Open Day

An opportunity for academically-able students interested in applying for Mathematics at Cambridge University.

We hold an annual Maths Open Day for academically able students from all backgrounds who are considering an application for Mathematics at Cambridge next October. Many UK students who attend are in Year 12 at school, though the event also includes international students, Year 13's considering a post-qualification application, and mature students. You will be given the opportunity both to visit Christ's College in the morning and the maths faculty in the afternoon. The day will give you an opportunity to experience university-level teaching and find out more about the Cambridge mathematics course and application process.

The 2020 maths open day is on Saturday 25 April. If you'd like to receive an email reminder about this event when we open booking (in mid February), please register your interest. In the meantime, please ensure that you choose the right school subjects for Maths at Cambridge.

Morning at Christ's College, Cambridge

At Christ's, we offer:

  • a late morning student-led tour of Christ's College
  • a Mathematics course and applications talk.

These activities run from 11am - 1pm, and are for prospective Maths students only.

We are sorry that it is not possible for parents and guardians to attend the talk or College tours on this occasion, however you are welcome to walk around the public areas of Christ's / visit Cambridge if you would like to whilst your child is attending. 

Afternoon at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences / Isaac Newton Institute

After your visit to Christ's, there is an opportunity to attend the Mathematics Faculty Open Afternoon, which normally takes place from 2pm to 5pm at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (or the adjacent Isaac Newton Institute):

You will have plenty of time to walk to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences / Isaac Newton Institute after your visit to Christ's, and we provide directions below.

Arrangements are also made for parents and guardians who would like to listen to the afternoon lectures. See the Faculty information for further details.


Practical details

Visiting students are responsible for getting themselves to Cambridge for open days, however we provide travel information and a map of the college:

If you are in (or were previously in) Care, please read about the Care Travel Fund (eligibility criteria apply).

Printable maps

We always have maps available for students on the morning event at Christ's if you need one to take away. Below we have also provided a series of printable maps in case this is helpful.

These maps are to help you to walk from Christ's College to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences / Isaac Newton Institute.

Suggested route from Christ's College main entrance (St Andrews' Street): 

  • cross the road and walk down Petty Cury opposite (with lots of shops on both sides).
  • when you get to market square, go to the diagonally opposite corner and walk away from the market with Great St Mary's Church on your left.
  • you'll very quickly get to a road T junction with the University Press bookshop on the corner. Look to the right of the big white building (the Senate House) and you'll see a footpath (called Senate House passage). Go down it then at the end wiggle left and right onto Garret Hostel Lane.
  • Garret Hostel Lane takes you over the river to Queens' Road - cross at the crossing and continue down Burrell's Walk.
  • Turn right onto Grange Road then left onto Clarkson Road. The entrance to the site will be on your right.

Important to note when choosing school subjects: 

To apply for Maths at Cambridge University, you should study Mathematics at the most advanced level available in your curriculum. 

If you are taking (UK-designed) A levels, you must take at least 3 A-levels including both Mathematics and Further Mathematics in order to meet the subject requirements. If your school does not offer Further Mathematics, you may be able to get support via the Advanced Maths Support Programme, which provides free online films and other resources to help you prepare for A level Further Maths. If you are studying independently, Integral offers an online Further Mathematics course.

If you are studying in the Scottish education system, do read the notes for scottish applicants

If you are doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma, you must be taking Analysis and Approaches at Higher Level.

Offers for Mathematics at Cambridge include STEP exams, which you take at your school or College, normally at the same time as your A levels, IB or equivalent. The University provides a free online STEP Support Programme.

For your other subject options, please see our maths page.

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"Having a chat with current students about life at Christ's was really good, as they provided a perspective which you don't really get when reading information on the website and the prospectus."

A previous open day visitor

"We were fortunate to have James as our tour guide - spontaneous, frank, amusing and most informative- he was a breath of fresh air and gave us a good idea of what it would be like to be a student resident at Christ's College - every student's dream!"

Jane, a previous open day visitor