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Christ's International Webinar

In July and September we run Christ's International Webinars to help students applying from outside the UK. This includes a brief presentation for international students, and a long period of Q&A so that you can type in the questions you would like to be answered by Dr Emily Tomlinson (Director of Admissions) and by some Christ's international students.

September 2024 International Webinar

If you are considering an application to Cambridge University in Sept/Oct 2024 for Oct 2025 or deferred Oct 2026 entry*, do book a place on one of our International Webinars below. Most students who attend will be studying outside the UK, though international students who are studying in the UK for sixth form are also welcome.

*we also welcome those with 2 year National Service, who may be interested in October 2027 entry

Date and timeWhatCourses coveredBooking
Wednesday 18 September 2024 at 10:30am UK time (time zone 1)Christ's International Webinar for students applying in Oct 2024.Undergraduate applications for all coursesBook a place
Thursday 19 September at 17:00 UK time (time zone 2)Q&A with the Director of Admissions as part of Christ's September Open Day  for students applying in Sept/Oct 2024. This Q&A is for both UK and international students, but the timing of this session will be better for those in e.g. Canada, USA than the 18 Sept webinar above. Undergraduate applications for all coursesBook a September Online Open Day place
July 2025Christ's International Webinar for students applying in Oct 2025.Undergraduate applications for all coursesRegister interest for July 2025 webinars

You will then receive emails from Zoom 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar with a reminder of the joining details.

What do attendees think?

Finch in Second CourtHere is some feedback from students who have attended previous international webinars:

  • "I asked about certain details in the My Cambridge Application questionnaire and received accurate, practical response. I also gained valuable information from other participants' questions and the hosts' answers. Really appreciate that the hosts answered all the questions in detail with great patience!"
  • "I appreciated free space to ask questions, many thanks."
  • "It was very helpful to see proper information regarding the finances and scholarships for international students."
  • "There were many insightful comments and notes regarding the application process and a sneak peek into the UK school culture/schooling experience."
  • "I liked how the presenters were very encouraging and answered in detail for all the questions."
  • "I found it to be the best webinar I’ve been too so far because the individual presentations were short and engaging with a light air to it which made me less anxious and genuinely keyed into what was being said."
  • "The powerpoint prepared and answers from the admission officer and students are very detailed and comprehensive. Thank you for giving me so much information of studying in Christ' College."
  • "It was really insightful having the opportunity to hear from both current students and an admission officer and listen to all their advice and different perspective on the questions. The pre recordings were also good for context And the follow up email and recording useful too. Maybe next time slightly longer as we went overtime a little bit."
  • "The webinar was very insightful and informative. I found it especially helpful that all our questions about the application process were answered and that two of the international students at Christ's gave advice for the application process from a student's perspective. The information about the different financial aid options was also very useful."
  • "There was very helpful information regarding scholarships, as well as further information on the format of transcripts that should be sent with the application."
  • "Some insightful comments from both staff and students. Practical tips."
  • "The webinar was extremely well-organised and useful in clarifying my doubts as the speakers chosen had similar backgrounds that aligned to the participants, allowing me to gain valuable insights from their sharing!"
  • "I had clear understandings on the overall application and admission process at Cambridge specially for international students. I greatly thank, Christ's admission staff for their time and commitment."
  • "The perspectives by students were really insightful! Hoping to be able to hear from more students in the future."


Christ's Online Open Days

International students are welcome to sign up for our Online Open Days - they are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and they take place in the run-up to your application - October, February, (July for the University-wide event) and September. 

  • The next open days are set out on our College Open Days page. If booking is not yet open, there will be a form to register your interest so that we can send you an email when booking opens.

College Open Days include a talk with the Director of Admissions and chance to ask questions, a session with a subject specialist, and online look at the College and opportunity to ask questions of current undergraduate students. All of this programme is online, but on each occasion there will also be an optional opportunity to visit for a tour if you want to (in-person tours will be on a separate date to the online events).


Christ's Regular Webinars

  • Webinar: Christ's College: A look at the Grounds and Facilities
    This is a webinar for anybody who can't visit in person but would like to see the College - we will show you a map and pictures of the grounds, facilties and accommodation and talk you through it all. See the detail and book for the next one on our regular webinars page.
  • Webinar: Subject Matters - The importance of your post-16 subject choices
    If you are taking the International Baccalaureate or International A levels this webinar will help you with subject choices to make sure that you are well prepared for the course that you want to apply for at Cambridge - even if you've not yet decided which course! See the detail and book for the next one on our regular webinars page.
  • Webinar: Cambridge for Beginners!
    This webinar is not pitched for international applicants, however it could still be helpful as it explains how the university works, how you are taught, student life etc., and it gives you a run-through of the main application process, all of which applies to international applicants too. See the detail and book for the next one on our regular webinars page.
  • Webinar: Personal statements and preparing an application 
    This webinar explains what is needed for a strong personal statement (part of the application for all applicants). This is very different from the College Essay requested by USA universities, for example, so worth attending to understand. This regular webinar runs from spring until the summer.
Important note
We do not expect you to attend regular webinars in the middle of the night! We deliberately vary the day of the week and timing in the hope that our applicants will be able to find a session that suits them. So if the timing of a scheduled regular webinar does not work for you, we recommend that you want for the next one (they take place very roughly once a month in the period when we run each one). The only students who may need to be slightly more flexible are those applying from Australia or New Zealand (please contact us if you are struggling).


“From the moment you arrive you’ll have all the support you need in order to thrive here both socially and academically”

Frederik from Denmark