Tulips, Third CourtIf your country is not listed on in the Cambridge International entrance requirements look-up / your qualification is not in this list, please send us an email to ask about making an application to Christ's College, and we will provide information for you directly. In your email, we will need you to include the following details:

  • which course you want to apply for.
  • which country you are studying in.
  • what qualifications you are taking – if you are able to give the name (even if in a foreign language), and tell us which subjects you are taking in your qualification, that would be very helpful.

It would also be useful if you could list any other significant academic achievements, such as success in Olympiads, or in other academic competitions, or completion of a year or more at university (let us know the name of the course and which university), as these will help us to advise you appropriately.


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