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Location: Right in the middle of busy Cambridge, Christ’s is perfectly situated between the city’s two main shopping centres (The Grand Arcade and the Grafton Centre) but nestled behind the college’s high walls, you would hardly know that you were in the city centre. Off the main tourist trail (so you won’t have sightseers trying to get into your bedroom!), Christ’s stretches back from its beautiful medieval First Court back through its majestic Second Court, with the justly famous Fellows’ Building and Garden, into the late Victorian Third Court and finally to the modernity of New Court

Two students talking in First Court
First Court, and the passage through to Second Court

Community: All colleges are communities of fellows (academics), students and staff, and Christ’s is no different. But not all colleges have the advantages that Christ’s offers in terms of community. We admit about 120 undergraduates a year which means that quite quickly you will get to know everyone in your year by name and most people in college by sight. There are also likely to be plenty of people in your subject both in your year and in other years in college, though one of the joys about college life in Cambridge is becoming friends with people in other subjects. The fact that all

Facilities: Despite being founded by the matriarch of the Tudor dynasty, Lady Margaret Beaufort, in 1505, Christ’s has all the amenities of a modern university campus. Excellent and extensive onsite accommodation (of which 40 per cent is en suite) sits among some of the most beautiful college gardens in Cambridge, an outdoor swimming pool, a Tudor dining hall that students can use six nights a week as well as a modern self-service cafeteria and two college bars. With a squash court and gym in college and sports field and boat house close by, there is every chance to take part in college sport

"I’ve really enjoyed the community and the group of friends that I’ve built up over my time here. I think that we have one of the best atmospheres/ethos of any college, and it’s a really supportive environment in which to live and learn."

Barnaby, Medicine