First Court is the oldest part of College and distinctive for it's circular lawn. The buildings include the Chapel, the master's lodge, the Hall, the café and bar (we call this the Buttery), undergraduate accommodation, the Law Library, and the way through to Library Court, with the Working Library (the main library for students), Old Library and prayer room. F staircase has a passage through to Second Court as well as the Old Combination Room (OCR).

First Court with circular lawn seen from above Great gate and buildings from other side of circular lawn
Hall and buildings seen from other side of circular lawn Students talking in front of arch through to second court
Sign showing rooms in G staircase, including C Darwin. Hall stained glass window
Group of students in main gate archway Upper windows and flowers
Master's Lodge. Decorative panel above door Hall and Master's lodge
Bell tower and blue sky Group getting a tour and Chapel entrance
Gate from other side of circular lawn Archway with First Court visible on other side
Wisteria on wall of Masters' Lodge Students talking in front of Buttery

See the 360 degree photo of First Court

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