Visiting Christ's

This page sets out the details for prospective students visiting alone or with a family member or two.

Wisteria in first court
  Wisteria and the circular lawn in First Court.
  Credit: Sir Cam.

If you are visiting Cambridge as a prospective student, do come and visit Christ's College! We encourage you to walk around the grounds here, and see what you think. Can you imagine yourself living and studying here as a Cambridge University student?

The entrance to Christ's is on St Andrew's Street, so we are quite easy to find once you're in the city centre. If you arrive at a time when there is a notice displayed saying that the College is closed, please introduce yourself as a prospective student to the College porters, as they will normally allow you to come in and look around the public areas wherever possible.

As Christ's is an active place of learning and research, we don't allow visitors to enter any of the College buildings. Thanks for your understanding on this -  we run a number of open days through the year if you would like a more detailed visit and a guided tour. 

Opening times

Christ's is open at the following times all year, except during the Christmas close down and during our Quiet Period:

College Grounds 09:00 - 16.00 7 Days a week
Fellows' Garden 09.00 - 16.00 Monday to Friday only

The Christmas close down is just a few days at that time of year, and our Quiet Period is for students before and during their end-of-year University exams. At this time, the College is closed to all visitors, including other members of the University, unless they are on College business. The exact dates of the Quiet Period vary from year to year, according to term dates but as a rough guide, it is normally from early May to mid-June.

Please bear in mind that the details here are subject to change at any time, as the College or the Fellows' garden are occasionally closed for functions and other events.

Self-guided tour

You may find this self-guided tour of Christ's helpful to give you a bit of information about College life and the facilities here as you walk around the grounds.

Second Court, Christ's College, Cambridge
  Second Court, walking towards the Fellows' Garden

If you would like to speak with an Admissions Officer

If you are in Year 12 or 13, are not able to attend an open day and would like to request a meeting with one of our admissions officers on the day of your visit, please email us in advance to request this. In your email, it would be helpful if you could let us know:

-- what year you're currently in.

-- the name of your current school or college and, if you are an international student, which country you are studying in.

-- which A level, IB or equivalent subjects you are taking.

-- which course you are interested in studying at Cambridge.

We are often able to arrange appointments on weekdays but are not available at the weekends.Do also bear in mind that we cannot arrange appointments during our most  intensive interview and assessment period (December and the first part of January).


If you would like to bring a school group to visit the College

We are always keen to hear from school staff. Please see our outreach and access section for information about our work with schools. 

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