Visiting Christ's

This page sets out the details for prospective students wanting to visit alone or with a family member or two as well as the regular webinar and resources for seeing the College online.

Wisteria in first court
  Wisteria and circular lawn in First Court.
  Credit: Sir Cam.

For prospective students who can get to Cambridge, we're delighted to be able to offer an opportunity to walk around the College grounds in person as well as continuing our online webinars and other support.

Please read the information below carefully to avoid disappointment.

If you will be applying to Cambridge next year, booking is open here for our 27 October Online Open Day!


Self-directed visits (in-person)

Please read info carefully to avoid disappointment

Self-guided visit to the grounds during opening times
Check opening dates & times
Prospective undergraduates and offer holders are welcome to walk through the grounds of Christ's on a self-guided visit during our opening dates and times. This will be on your own or with up to two family members or friends. Please read the self-guided visit page for details (please don't just turn up without looking at the information as it's best to check what's open when, plus there's an optional tour download). Please be aware that this is not available 24/7 - there are times and a small number of dates when the College will be closed (see the self-guided visit page for details).

Even if you are able to visit in person we recommend also using the online resources below as well. In reality you'll actually see a lot more on our website and via the regular webinar.

If you can't visit in person, please don't be too disappointed. Every year many of our applicants apply from all over the world without ever having set foot in Cambridge. We try hard to make our website as helpful as possible so do use the resources below.


Open Day poster
                         Booking is open for students
                         applying next year

Online Open Day

For students interested in applying to Cambridge in Sept/Oct 2022 (for 2023 or deferred 2024 entry)  we are offering a Christ's College Online Open Day on 27 October including subject sessions and advice on preparation in Year 12 and equivalent (for a lot of students in the UK, this event will be in half term).

Booking is open here for our 27 October Online Open Day!

The event will include an opportunity to hear from current students, admissions staff and a subject specialist in a course you are considering, as well as finding out more about College life and how to prepare for an application next year.

Regular Webinar February - mid-Sept
Christ's College: a look at the grounds and facilities

Poster for webinar called Christ's College: A look at the grounds and facitilies
  Information and Booking

From February until mid-September we run a regular webinar for prospective students which talks you through the grounds and facilities at Christ's, including accommodation. This is a virtual visit, and people who've attended so far have found it useful (especially if you live a long away away and cannot visit in person). Look out for it on the open days and events page - you'll need to book in advance.

We vary the time of day for these webinars to ensure that everyone can attend, so if the timing of a scheduled session does not suit you, if you wait there will be further versions scheduled at different times. We don't expect anyone to miss lessons or long-distance international students to attend in the middle of the night!

University Virtual Tour

Virtual tour
  Third Court in the Virtual Tour

Look up Christ's College on the Cambridge University Virtual Tour. This tour includes 360 degree photography, articles and films from Colleges and departments.

For Christ's you can see 360 degree photography of

You can also read introductory articles on What makes Christ's special, College Clubs and Societies, and Facilities and Accommodation and you can view a photo gallery.

Website resources

Christ's College HallUseful webpages include the College map and there are picture pages for First Court, Second Court, Third Court, New Court and the Fellows' Garden, as well as a section on Christ's facilities including pages on the Hall, Canteen, Working Library, Old Library, Law Library, Chapel, Theatre, Common Rooms, Café and Bar, Swimming Pool, Gym, Squash Court, Function Room, Sports Fields and Boathouse. There's a page on accommodation, and we also have a "made-from-home" film where our students talk about the College:

Things to look out for in Christ's


Finding Christ's

Our address is Christ's College, St Andrew's Street, Cambridge CB1 3BU
If you use What3words you can find the entrance at ///drove.limbs.spout

Fellows Garden












If you're hoping to stay overnight in Cambridge, you may find the practical info on our accommodation page helpful.

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