In First Court, what we call the Buttery (an old word) is a café during the day and a bar in the evening, so it's one of the main social areas in College and a source of snacks outside of Upper Hall meal times. The café is a subsidised Costa Coffee, which is cheaper than the equivalent coffee shops in town, and there are sofas, newspapers and a TV. Students are encouraged to bring a coffee cup if getting a hot drink to take away to avoid using disposable ones. The bar serves a wide range of drinks in the evenings including plenty of non-alcholic options.


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Two students chatting with bar staff member Student with fanta at bar
Male student at bar with Fanta Staff member keying order into till
Staff member at till, laughing Coffee machine with two streams into paper cup
Women in Maths event participants chatting Women in maths participants sitting on window seat
Women in Maths event participants chatting Small group on sofas around coffee table; chatting

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