International Students

This section is for all of our prospective students who live outside the UK. Christ’s provides a very supportive environment for international students - we will help you with the details of the application process, we will help you to settle in when you arrive, and most importantly we will provide all the support you need to thrive in your chosen subject at Cambridge.

Should I apply to Christ’s / Cambridge?

First Court

Please note: the deadline to apply for October 2019 entry has already passed. If you are interested in applying for October 2020 entry, see when to apply.

Step 1
Firstly, you should consider whether Christ's offers a course that you will love, and we encourage you to look into the advantages of living in the College community and being taught in small-group supervisions with experts in your subject. Some of you will be from countries where local university subject choices are quite different in scope. Here at Cambridge, we ask you to choose just one of the courses that we offer. Don't be daunted by this choice, however, because within our courses, there is often a lot of flexibility. It would also be a good idea at this stage to look at the financial of things; see the finances section, which includes details of costs and financial support.

Step 2
Next, have a look at the entrance requirements. In order to apply you will need to:


Step 3
If you like what you read and are able to meet the high academic requirements, then we encourage you to look further into the detail of making an application:

What support is there for international students?

The central Cambridge website has a section for international students which you should find useful.

  • Admissions Support
    We know that you are likely to have questions about making an application, and we'll do our best to help if you email us (do let us know in your email which course you are interested in applying for, which country you are from, and what qualifications you have taken / will be taking). We are keen to support you so that you can make a competitive application to the College.
  • Finances
    In addition to the university-wide funding from the Cambridge Trust, Christ's has a number of funding arrangements for both EU students from outside the UK, and for non-EU students. See financial support. We do not assess financial need during the application process (as decisions are made on academic criteria only), but detailed information about costs and funding is sent out with offer letters.
  • Visa support
    The University sponsors students who will need a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. You can check if you need a UK visa. After we have made an offer, we provide information on the visa page in the offer holders section to ensure that the visa application process goes smoothly.
  • Help with settling in
    There will be a number of things to sort out when you move to the UK, including setting up a local bank account and registering with a doctor. The Christ's Student Union (called the JCR) has an International Students' rep, who will ensure that you meet other international students and have plenty of support both for the practical and cultural aspects of starting at Christ's.
  • Accommodation during your course
    Undergraduate students at Christ's live in College accommodation. You will be able to choose accommodation options that allow you to stay in the university vacations if you wish. Alternatively, we provide extra space for international students to store items in College at times when they are not in residence.

"Christ's never fails to make me feel happy and comfortable - within the first week, the end of the day of lectures meant getting to go 'home'. "

Mira, 2nd Year Education, from Mumbai

How many international students do you accept?

With the exception of Medicine, there are no quotas for how many international students we can accept. Currently, about a third of our undergraduate students come from outside the UK, and we have students from around 70 different countries. For Medicine, each year the University of Cambridge is only allowed to admit 21 students with a non-EU fee status in total.  Of these, two can come to Christ's.

What do international students say about studying at Christ's? 

Do have a look through some of the student profiles to find out more about student life here. There is a page of short comments by some of the Christ's international students, and for more detailed accounts see the following profiles: 

Emily Tomlinson, Director of Admissions at Christ's

How do we assess international applications?

We read every complete, on-time application that we receive carefully, and we assess all of our applicants (both home and international) on the basis of their academic ability and potential. In other words, we are interested in what you will be able to achieve academically on your chosen course at Cambridge.

When you look at the detail of the admissions process, you will notice both that we ask you for a lot of information and that there are a lot of parts to the process. We give you a number of opportunities to show us what you are capable of, and we are able to work around differences in syllabus etc. so that we can assess students who have studied for a range of different qualifications.