There are lots of food options at Christ's:


Upper Hall 

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During term time, Upper Hall is the day-to-day College canteen. It serves breakfast, lunch and an eveninSalad and Vegetables in Upper Hall, Christ's College, Cambridgeg meal during the week, and at weekends there's a longer brunch to give you more flexibility on your meal times as well as the evening meal. It can get quite busy, especially

Eating in Upper Hall canteenDuring term time there's a set price menu which includes self-service vegetables and/or chips. For each meal there are a number of special dishes available, but the some items such as jacket potatoes, sandwiches, salads and vegetables are available whatever else is being served. At lunch time there is also soup and a range of hot pies.

Snacks and drinks are also available whenever the servery is open, and include fruit, yoghurt, confectionary, flapjacks, cakes, mineral water and a range of soft drinks.

Eating in Upper Hall gives you a lot of choice and is very convenient in a busy

"Upper hall is always a great way to meet friends spontaneously and to socialise with different people over each meal. It really helps to bring together the college community, as you get to know everyone."

Anissa, Medicine

Upper Hall (canteen) at Christ's College, Cambridge.Details will obviously change each week, but you might be interested to look at some Upper Hall sample menus to get a sense of the choice of food that is typically available in the cafeteria, along with corresponding sample allergen information if that's relevant. As a student you can look at the week's menus on the College intranet.

You pay for the food by swiping your university card at the till, then you are charged on your next College bill (you get these each term).

Buttery (First Court)

"The Buttery is a favourite of mine - cheap drinks close to the library can be tempting, but it also offers a chance to relax without making a big deal of going out." 

Max, currently studying History at Christ's
A view of the Hall at Christ's College, Cambridge, from the balcony. The Hall is set up for a formal dinner but empty.
The Hall, from the balcony which overlooks the room

Formal Hall

If you would prefer a served meal or if it's a special occasion or get-together, you may decide to attend 'Formal Hall'. This is a three course meal in the College Hall, which dates back to the sixteenth century. People usually attend formal hall dinners to celebrate birthdays, as part of societies, or because they've got a friend or family member visiting from home.

Students have to wear their gowns for formals, and people tend to dress smartly, but that's usually the most formal thing about formals. At Christmas and Halloween, there are special 'super halls', which are

"The formal hall is a great place to invite friends from other colleges, as well as to celebrate your birthday."

Neophytos, currently studying Medicine at Christ's
A student kitchen in Q staircase at Christ's College, Cambridge. The kitchen contains a large table, two fridges, two kettles, two hobs, a toaster and other facilities.
         A student kitchen in Q staircase.

Student kitchens

Many students also  prepare some food for themselves, especially for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Most accommodation at Christ's has access to a kitchen (referred to as a 'gyp room' in Cambridge). These come in various sizes, and can be small, but all are complete with kettles, induction hobs, and microwaves. 

Christ's is diagonally opposite a Tesco Express in one direction, a couple of minute's walk away from Sainsbury's in another direction, and not much further from Market Square (markets happen seven days a week in Cambridge and there's lots of street food stalls at

"I got into the habit of making some of my favourite comfort food in the gyp rooms (the small kitchens in the accommodation), and experimented each term with what food I wanted to bring from home."

Mira, who studied Education at Christ's