Current applicants

This section is Christ's College, Cambridge information for current applicants who have submitted a UCAS form.

Welcome! Thank you for submitting a UCAS form and applying for 2019 or deferred 2020 entry. We are the Christ's Admissions Team, and our names are Kristy, Jan and Mark. We're here to administer (but not to assess!) your application and answer your questions, and we'll support you through this section of the Christ's website from now until decisions-time in January 2019. The Cambridge process assesses you carefully, and there are quite a few forms and 'bits' to do after your UCAS form, but if you follow the information in this section and work with us stage by stage (we've put the dates next to each stage), we will be able to guide you through the process smoothly. 

Current points for Christ's applicants
  • Many thanks to students who came to interviews at Christ's. We enjoyed meeting you! We emailed you on 12 Dec with a survey for you to fill in following the interviews. Many thanks to those who have already completed it - some very helpful comments. 
  • Please do not email your interviewers. If you have a query, all correspondence must come to Many thanks!
  • Contacting Christ's: We need your help to work efficiently. We request that you start all emails to Christ's Admissions Team with:
    • Your name (exactly as you wrote it on your UCAS form), 
    • The course you have applied for (including 'Biological or Physical' if Natural Sciences),
    • Your UCAS number,
    • Your requested interview location if not Cambridge, UK. 

Stage 1: Read through the application process

The application process is set out on the how to apply page. We have also sent an email to all Christ's applicants called 'Christ's College, Cambridge: important information for applicants' (sent 16/17 October).


Stages 2 & 3: Deadlines

Deadline What?
22 Oct  UK / EU transcript 
22 Oct  Results breakdown
22 Oct  Extenuating Circumstances Form
22 Oct  Disability / Specific Learning Difficulty / long-term illness adjustments form
22 Oct  Curriculum details
22 Oct Requested additional documents
8 Nov Two Quick Questions form
8 Nov Written work + Cover sheet (word version)
8 Nov Fee Status Form and documents for Medicine applicants
8 Nov Fee status form for unusual circumstances
8 Nov Eligibility document for students currently on UK Government-funded Free School Meals 
8 Nov Students in Care check that we have the information
8 Nov International Science Olympiad Medal Certificates (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
8 Nov Form for Natural Sciences (Physical) and Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences applicants who are hoping to be interviewed in Cambridge UK
8 Nov Form to be completed by applicants for English who are hoping to be interviewed in Cambridge, UK

Questions about missing deadlines? Please see the current questions page rather than emailing us. Many thanks. 

Stage 4: Invitation to interview in Cambridge, UK

We have sent invitations to interview in all subjects and also written to students who are not invited for interview. If you have applied for an interview in Cambridge and have not heard from us, please get in touch. 

Stage 5: Information for 26 Nov - 11 Dec
(interviews in Cambridge, UK)

This section is for students who have received an invitation to interview in Cambridge, UK. We are gradually adding information and further details. We recommend that you re-read the information just before travelling to Cambridge in case any details have been updated. 

What?  Details
Interview Guidelines Why do we interview and what do interviews involve? 
Subject Information Where you find the interview and Admissions Assessment details specific to your course.
FORM: Interview attendance reply form 26 Nov update: If you missed the deadline for this form, please complete it now - it will be fine (please do not email us to ask if it's OK - it will be fine). If you are not sure if you have submitted it, please submit another one (please do not email us to ask if we've received it - just read the screens carefully).  
FORM: Meal booking form 27 Nov update: The deadline for this form has now passed. If you requested meals, they have been arranged for you and you will need to collect your meal ticket(s) from the interview helpdesk. Please see the details about eating in Christ's on the practical details page
FORM: Meal booking cancellation form If you have booked a meal which you now do not need, we would appreciate it if you could cancel the meal using this form. Many thanks! 
FORM: One night's accommodation request form 26 Nov update: The deadline for this form has now passed and accommodation confirmation emails have been sent, but see the accommodation section on the practical details page for other options. 
How to get to Christ's College Travel information and how to get to Christ's from the station etc. 
Practical details for week beginning 26 November How everything works in College, where to go, where to wait, how to get help etc. Details for eating in College too. 
Practical details for weeks beginning 3 and 10 December How everything works in College, where to go, where to wait, how to get help etc. Details for eating in College / accommodation too. 
Sitting an Admissions Assessment in Christ's Practical details for sitting your Admissions Assessment in Christ's College (if relevant).
Sitting an Admissions Assessment outside Christ's Practical details for sitting your Admissions Assessment in a location outside of Christ's College (if relevant). 
Information about at-interview Admissions Assessment in each subject Content, format, sample questions available.
Pre-interview study For if your invitation to interview says you have some pre-interview reading or other study immediately before your interview. Practical details about how this works. 
Adjustments If you requested adjustments via the adjustments form and evidence document, please remind yourself of the information on this page for information about what happens when you are invited for interview (steps 4, 5 and 6). 
The current questions page has a section for questions about interviews. Do check the current questions before contacting us! Many thanks. 
Christ's College map 
Cambridge University map
Visa information For students who will need a visa to attend interviews in Cambridge. 


Stage 6: Information for January (the outcome of your application)

We will email applicants selected for interview (whether in Cambridge UK or overseas) with the outcome of your applications on 14 January 2019 during the day (please bear with us as this does take time and so some applicants will not hear until the afternoon).

Subject informationContact Christ's How we use your personal information