Current applicants

This section is Christ's College, Cambridge information for current applicants who have submitted a UCAS form.

First Court, Christ's College, CambridgeWelcome! Thank you for submitting a UCAS form and applying for 2020 or deferred 2021 entry. We are the Christ's Admissions Team, and our names are Kristy, Jan and Mark. We're here to administer (but not to assess!) your application and answer your questions, and we'll support you through this section of the Christ's website from now until decisions-time in January 2020. The Cambridge process assesses you carefully, and there are quite a few forms and 'bits' to do after your UCAS form, but if you follow the information in this section and work with us stage by stage (we've put the dates next to each stage), we will be able to guide you through the process smoothly.

Current points

Welcome to the current applicants section! 
This 'current points' box is like our noticeboard, where we'll let you know what you currently need to be thinking about. We like to put the current applicants section up nice and early so that everyone can see what's coming up, but things start properly after 15 October, when we'll email all Christ's applicants after the main application deadline to introduce ourselves and give everyone the link to this information about the next stages of the application process.

Current questions
There's also a current questions page (including current questions from international applicants), where we answer common and/or good questions - please get used to checking it before you write to us with a question - it may well be that someone else has asked the same thing!

Pre-interview Admissions Assessments!
It's very important to check whether your course has a pre-interview admissions assessment, and if yes, make sure that you are registered by the relevant deadline, and put the 30 October in your diary. Unfortunately you've not make a valid application if your course requires an admissions assessment and you're not registered for one.

Contacting Christ's: We need your help to work efficiently! We request that you start all emails to Christ's Admissions Team with:

  • Your name (exactly as you wrote it on your UCAS form), 
  • The course you have applied for (including 'Biological or Physical' if Natural Sciences),
  • Your UCAS number,
  • Your requested interview location if not Cambridge, UK. 

Stage 1: Make sure you've met all the 15 Oct deadlines and read through the application process

The application process is set out on the how to apply page, with further information on the relevant subject page. Here is a reminder of the initial deadlines as your UCAS form isn't the only thing we need by 15 October:

Deadline What? Detail
1 Oct Medicine applicants register for the BMAT. Deadline 17:00 UK time See the BMAT information. (and info here if you're late)
Exception: Any applicant who took the BMAT in August 2019 must not register to do it again
15 Oct UCAS application (including UCAS reference). Deadline 18:00 UK time

See the UCAS information.
Please ensure that your referee is ready, and aware of the deadline too - it is a very strict deadline. We don't consider late applications.

15 Oct Registration for pre-interview Admissions Assessment. Deadline 18:00 UK time See the information about Admissions Assessments. Details of how to register are available if you scroll down the pre-interview assessments page. NB. No registration is required for at-interview assessments. 
19 Oct COPA form and transcript for applicants from outside the European Union. Deadline 18:00 UK time

Please see the information & COPA form including this Guide. If you're unsure, see who needs to send a COPA? Your transcript is uploaded via the COPA - please see transcripts info and do I need to send a transcript? Please send any questions about filling in the COPA directly to the COPA helpdesk: / +44 (0)1223 333308

Our advice: don't leave meeting these deadlines to the last minute. If something unexpected happens (life has really bad timing sometimes) or something goes wrong, it will be too late to fix it. Unfortunately we cannot consider late applications so we encourage you to so everything safely ahead of deadlines (and with that in mind, once everything above is sorted, feel free to move onto the next section before 15 Oct if you like).


Stage 2: Information for 15-22 October (making a valid application with SAQ)

Reminder: those of you from outside the EU have a 19 Oct deadline:

19 Oct COPA form and transcript for applicants from outside the European Union. Deadline 18:00 UK time Please see the information about the COPA form including this Guide, and if you're unsure, see who needs to send a COPA? Please also see the information about transcripts and do I need to send a transcript? Please send any questions about filling in the COPA to the COPA helpdesk: / +44 (0)1223 333308

Everyone has 22 Oct deadlines:

Deadline What? Detail
22 Oct SAQ form 
(Deadline 18:00 UK time)
Within 48 hours of your UCAS form submission, you will receive an email with SAQ log-in details. Please then see the SAQ information and log-in, which includes the Guide to completing the SAQ. If you have problems / questions about filling in the form, please contact the SAQ helpdesk directly ( /  01223 333308). If you do not receive your SAQ email, please check your spam / junk folders. All applicants must send a SAQ form by 18:00 UK time on 22 October. You have not made a valid application if you do not meet this deadline.
22 Oct UK / EU transcript
(Deadline 18:00 UK time)
Some UK / EU applicants must include a transcript with their SAQ. Please read the information about transcripts and do I need to send a transcript?
22 Oct

Results breakdown

We ask you to send a document to us showing the most detailed breakdown available for any AS and A level exams or equivalent qualifications that you have already taken (if relevant). Please follow the instructions on the results breakdown page
22 Oct Christ's information form Please could all applicants to Christ's complete this Christ's information form (it's not a long form!).
22 Oct Extenuating Circumstances Form If anything has caused significant educational or home life disruption or disadvantage, please read the information. Tip: if in doubt, read the information and send the form. You cannot disadvantage your application by sending this form.
22 Oct Disability / Specific Learning Difficulty / long-term illness adjustments form If you ticked the box on the UCAS form to say you have a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term illness, and / or if you normally receive adjustments when you take school exams, please read this page and follow the instructions given.  
22 Oct Curriculum details Deadline for mature applicants / those taking a foundation course / those in the first year at university to email a copy of their curriculum to us. Please follow the instructions on the curriculum details page
22 Oct Requested additional documents This won't apply to most applicants, but if we ask you to send an additional document, please sent it by 22 October at the latest, following the instructions on the additional documents page


Stage 3: Information for 22 Oct - 7 Nov (subject information, written work etc.)

Subject information 
It is essential for all Christ's candidates to read the following page carefully: The subject information contains details of written work that you may be asked to email to us by 7 November, as well as information about interviews, admissions assessments and any additional things that you need to know about for your subject. We are updating it gradually as more information becomes available or details are confirmed. You may be at a disadvantage if you do not read the information for your subject in the subject information

The 7 November deadlines: 


What? Detail
7 Nov Two quick questions for all applicants Please could all Christ's applicants complete this form.
7 Nov Written work + coversheets

Please read the written work page for details of which subjects require written work, what is needed and guidelines (including details of how to send your work by email).

If you are being interviewed overseas, we will still require any written work requested for your subject. 

7 Nov Fee status form for Medicine applicants.   All applicants for Medicine are asked to send a fee status form. Please read the page for guidelines and the form itself, and send your form following the instructions.
7 Nov Fee status form for unusual circumstances We only require a fee status form for Medicine applicants, however, if you think that you have unusual circumstances and are concerned about your fee status, please read the further information.  
7 Nov Eligibility document for students currently on UK Government Funded Free School Meals Needed so that we can offer public transport expenses if you are invited for interview
7 Nov Students in care may need to email us Needed so that we can offer public transport expenses if you are invited for interview
7 Nov International Science Olympiad Medal Certificates If you have won a gold, silver or bronze medal at one of the International Science Olympiads, please see the information and send your certificate following the instructions. 
7 Nov Form for applicants for English hoping to be interviewed in Cambridge If you have applied for English and are hoping to be interviewed in Cambridge, UK, please complete this form. Many thanks!

Stage 4: Information for November (invitation to interview in Cambridge, UK)

For those international applicants who have applied for an overseas interview, please be aware that the interview information published here relates ONLY to those coming for interviews in Cambridge, UK. 

We will begin inviting applicants to attend interviews in Cambridge as soon as possible in the second half of November, and will keep you updated in the box at the end of this section. Invitations are sent by email. For students who we decide not to invite to attend interviews, we aim to communicate our decision by the end of November at the latest.

Interviews at Christ's College will be take place on various dates from Monday 2 to Tuesday 17 December. Please see the subject information, where more precise interview dates will be posted as soon as they are known for individual subjects. 

If you said in your application that you will be unable to attend on a particular date, we will do our best to arrange your interviews avoiding that date. However this cannot be guaranteed due to the difficulty of arranging interviews for all candidates on the small number of dates that may be available for an individual subject.

One night's accommodation is available subject to booking in advance by the deadline in your invitation to interview. As rooms are limited, we cannot provide any accommodation for accompanying parents. If you wish to stay elsewhere overnight before the interview day you might like to look at the website Visit Cambridge

Please do not ring the Admissions Office to check on the progress of your application. If you have an important and genuine enquiry, please email us and we will do our best to help. Remember though: once we get past the application forms stage, fewer queries = faster invitations to interview.

We have sent invitations to interview in the following subjects
None so far. 

Stage 5: Information for 2 - 17 Dec (interviews in Cambridge, UK)

This section is for students who have received an invitation to interview in Cambridge, UK. It will be expanded gradually and further detail may be added to the pages already available. We recommend that you re-read the information just before traveling to Cambridge in case any details have been updated. 

Interview Guidelines Why do we interview and what do interviews involve? 
Subject Information Where you find the interview and Admissions Assessment details specific to your course. Some details may be updated nearer the time so you are advised to re-read information before coming for interview.
FORM: Interview attendance reply form Details will be in your invitation to interview. Available nearer the time
FORM: Meal booking form Details will be in your invitation to interview. Available nearer the time
FORM: Accommodation request form Details will be in your invitation to interview. Available nearer the time
How to get to Christ's College Travel information and how to get to Christ's from the station etc. 

Practical details for week starting 2 Dec

How everything works in College, where to go, where to wait, food, how to get help etc. Available nearer the time

Practical details for weeks starting 9 & 16 Dec

How everything works in College, where to go, where to wait, food, how to get help etc. Available nearer the time
Sitting an at-interview Admissions Assessment Practical details for sitting your Admissions Assessment at interview. Available nearer the time
Information about at-interview Admissions Assessment in each subject Content, format, sample questions available.

Pre-interview study

For if your invitation to interview says you have some pre-interview reading or other study immediately before your interview. Practical details about how this works.  Available nearer the time
Adjustments If you requested adjustments via the adjustments form and evidence document, please remind yourself of the information on this page for information about what happens when you are invited for interview (steps 5, 6 and 7). 
The current questions page has a section for questions about interviews. Do check the current questions before contacting us! Many thanks. 
Christ's College map 
Cambridge University map
Visa information For students who will need a visa to attend interviews in Cambridge. 

Stage 6: Information for January (the outcome of your application)

We will email applicants selected for interview (whether in Cambridge UK or overseas) with the outcome of their application on Wednesday 15 January 2020. You can read about the different possible outcomes.

Subject information I Current questions I Contact Christ's I Confidentiality I How we use your personal information