If you applied to a different College (& possible docs to send)

This page is for students who applied to another College and were made an offer by Christ's after the Winter Pool. It is part of the offer-holders section.  

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A very warm welcome and congratulations to students who have received an offer from Christ's after applying to a different Cambridge College. 

Introductions first!

There are three of us in the Undergraduate Admissions Office who will be helping you if you have queries as an offer holder. Our names are Kristy, Jan, and Ellie. Please call us by our first names! 

The way we tend to organise things at Christ's is to have everything on our website. So along with your offer letter, this offer holders section should be your main source of information between now and starting your course, and we will update it periodically as appropriate. Do take some time in the next week or so to have a look at the information in this section so that you know what's in it - you'll see that there are quite a lot of sub-pages about the various things offer holders need to do or be aware of. In particular:

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  • The 'current points' box and the dates and deadlines page are particularly useful for alerting you to things over the year.
  • There's an offer holders' questions page where we put answers to common or particularly good questions that we've received from offer holders. If possible, please always check that your question isn't already answered on that page before writing to us.


Getting to know Christ's

We realise that you may not know much about Christ's at this stage, but don't worry - there's lots of info on our website that will help you to get to know the College. We recommend reading the relevant subject page in particular, and you'll find lots of little details and personal experience in the student profiles. Indeed, you'll even find quite a few students who also got their places through the Winter Pool so have been in exactly the same situation - see this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one and this one! As you can see, there's nothing too unusual about coming to Christ's through the Winter Pool - we hope you will find these reassuring to read!

If you're from outside the UK, you may also find some useful information and perspectives from some of our international students in the international students section.

First Court

Visiting Christ's

We're sorry that it's not possible to visit Christ's at the moment. Don't worry though - we show all new students around properly and explain everything when you arrive to start your course. Quite a few of our students apply from a distance, so if you've never set foot in Christ's, please be assured that you won't be the only one, and it's not something that we require!

There are a few ways to find out about the grounds and facilities remotely, too. You may like to look at the College map, and the facilities section, which includes sub-pages on the hall, Fellows Garden, Working Library, Old Library, Chapel, swimming pool, squash court, and boathouse. There are pages on accommodation, and gym facilities, and you may like to explore Hobson's Conduit and Milton's Mulberry tree too!

One good resource is the University Virtual Tour - look us up, read the articles and look at the 360 degree photography. We also have a regular webinar called Christ's College: a look at the grounds and facilities, which students who receive an offer via the pool are welcome to attend even though it is designed for prospective applicants.

If it becomes possible to visit later in the year, we will update the page about visiting as an offer holder.

"The best thing about Christ's is the friendly, supportive and unpretentious atmosphere."

Sophie (Human, Social and Political Sciences)

Contacting us

The email address for all queries whist you're an offer holder is admissions@christs.cam.ac.uk and we prefer emails to phone calls where possible. It is immensely helpful to us if you can remember to start ALL emails with your details including your UCAS number, e.g. 

Helen Fisher
Natural Sciences (Physical)

Offer holder for 2021 entry

Please could you also bear in mind that we would much rather liaise with you rather than your parent / teacher / grandad / neighbour! Indeed, there are data protection and confidentiality issues which can make things tricky when other people talk to us so everything is much simpler if you write to us yourself (we are very friendly!). 

"All my friends from other colleges are jealous of Christ's location!"

Yash (Natural Sciences)

'Catch up' documents to send by 12 February:

It's never long before we get to some admin! During the application process, we asked Christ's applicants to send a number of additional documents, but as all Colleges do things differently, these may not have been requested by the College you applied to. If you have not sent any of the following things, please could you send them by 12 February to 'catch up' with the students who applied to Christ's directly: 

  • International Science Olympiads: If you have been awarded an individual medal (i.e. Gold, Silver or Bronze) in an exam-based International Science Olympiad, well done! Please could you scan and email a pdf containing evidence of your award (normally the certificate, if available) to admissions@christs.cam.ac.uk by 12 February. NB you do not need to send your certificate if a) you have been given an 'honorable mention' rather than a medal (medals are Gold, Silver, Bronze) or b) you have participated in a British Science Olympiad (or another national Olympiad) rather than an International Science Olympiad (though well done all the same!). Many thanks!
  • Results breakdown: We would also like you to email us a document showing the breakdown of your results by 12 February if any of the following apply to you. This is for if you gave overall grades in your UCAS application but there is further detail about the exact scores you achieved within the grades. You may need to ask your school for this (breakdowns are not always printed on results statements).
    • You took one or more A levels in 2019 or before (not including Singapore A levels).
    • You took one or more AS level exams in 2019 or before (we would like to receive the breakdown even if your grades do / did not contribute to subsequent A level grades).
    • You have not taken AS / A levels but have an equivalent results breakdown for another qualification taken in 2020 or before
  • UK Free School meals eligibility document: We would like you to email a document to us by 12 February if one of the following points apply to you. If you are unsure about your eligibility for UK government-funded Free School Meals, please check with your school/college. Note that you do not necessarily need to be claiming Free School Meals in order to be eligible for them.
    • You attend a UK school or college AND you are currently eligible for Free School Meals funded by the government in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. 
    • At some time in the last six years you have attended a UK school or college AND been eligible for Free School Meals funded by the government in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
    • You are a mature applicant currently eligible for benefits that would entitle any dependent children to UK government-funded Free School Meals.

"I am actually very glad that I was pooled because Christ’s is lovely!"

Anissa (Medicine)