Arriving in Cambridge

This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College. 

Coronavirus updates

This page (mostly written in Jan 2020) sets out what we expect to happen when you arrive in Cambridge in October 2020. Obviously we're working very hard to ensure that we can welcome new students to Christ's as normally as possible, and we will keep you updated here if there are any changes in the practical details.

  • College news about the 2020-21 academic year
  • On 20 May you received an email from Dr Sam Lucy to let you know that lectures (the large-group part of the teaching) will be online in 2020-21 and to explain this a bit more. Remember that lectures are only one part of the teaching you receive at Cambridge. Please see How you are taught for more information.


The date of arrival for most undergraduates will be Saturday 3 October 2020. All new students must normally arrive by 1.00pm and be available to meet your Tutors by 3.00pm that day.

All the practical information about joining Christ's will be sent to to you by our tutorial team in September before you start, and this includes details about arriving in Cambridge and the first week. 

The pack of information will include a map and directions to the College, together with instructions about what to do when you get here. You should be aware that the traffic in and around Cambridge will be extremely heavy and much patience is required. Several hundred other students also will be trying to get into their colleges through streets which were laid out in medieval times!

Freshers Fair
    Christ's Freshers' Fair

With the exception of those of you coming from outside the UK (including Europe), later or earlier arrival is not normally possible. For non-UK students, it may be possible to arrive from Tuesday 29 September 2020 but you will need to contact after July 2020 and state your arrival dateThere are some social events organised by Christ's International Student Reps and CUSU (the University students’ union), for non-UK students who arrive early. But all of these events are entirely optional, and you don’t need to arrive early to attend them unless you want to. You won’t be disadvantaged in any way if you miss them.

Lectures start on Thursday 8 October 2020.


"College very quickly becomes a home away from home, and you rapidly connect with people of all ages and degrees, not just your own!"

Karan (Economics, from London)

"Before arriving at Cambridge I was worried that I would be the only Northerner from a state school, and that I wouldn’t fit in! Thankfully, this didn’t turn out to be the case and everyone was very friendly and welcoming."

Anna (Medicine, from Oldham)