This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College.

Date / Deadline What?  Who?  Instructions/ Further info
When you've got your Jan offer letter and know if you plan to accept. Please complete an offer reply form online. All new offer holders. Replying to your offer
31 Jan 24 Apply for a Rowan Williams Cambridge studentship if you are from an area of instability or zone of conflict and, or have been, at risk of discrimination, persecution, suffering, violence or other abuse of your human rights. Offer holders for 2024 entry Information and application form
9 Feb 24 Upload a copy of your passport(s) following the instructions. All offer holders. Sending your passport
9 Feb 24 Upload certificates for completed qualifications mentioned in your UCAS application following the instructions. All new offer holders. Certificates to send
9 Feb 24 If you have taken an English Language qualification such as IELTS or TOEFL, please send your Score Report if you did not send it during the application process. We would like to receive this even if we did not set you an English Language condition as part of your offer.  All new offer holders. How to send your results to Christ's
9 Feb 24 Cambridge Trusts application deadline for 2024 entry (we will send emails about this to overseas candidates at the end of January). Overseas fee status and 2024 entry. Financial information
9 Feb 24 Students taken from the pool are asked to read the welcome page and send 'catch up' documents (A level score breakdowns if relevant; International Science Olympiad certificates if relevant).  Students taken from the pool. Students who applied to a different College
9 Feb 24 If your offer is for 2024 entry and you will need a visa to study at Cambridge (check if you need a visa), please read the visa page and complete the online form there. International students (including EEA) who need a visa and are 2024 entry. Visa page
9 Feb 24 All offer holders are asked to read this page by 9 February so that you know what to do if you get ill this year, if your home life or education gets disrupted in some way, or if you have a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term illness.  All new offer-holders. Read this page including the linked information if relevant. 
9 Feb 24 If you are a student who is or has spent time in Local Authority Care, please email us to confirm this so that we can send you further information.  Affected new offer-holders. Care leavers
9 Feb 24 If holding a Maths offer with a STEP condition, please read the STEP page for preparation info. Maths offer holders with a STEP condition STEP exams and preparation
9 Feb 24 Offer holders in Classics who are not taking A level Greek or equivalent are encouraged to read the information in their offer letter about the JACT summer school and apply as soon as possible, if relevant.  Classics offer holders for 2024 entry. JACT Summer School
9 Feb 24 If requested, or if you want us to review your Fee Status, complete a Fee Status Questionnaire, collect the accompanying documents and upload it via the upload tool. Some offer holders who have received an overseas letter Fee Status Questionnaire
15 Feb 24

Apply for a Choral Award if you would like to join the College choir. Once you've done your application form by 15 Feb, the further deadlines for this process are on the choral page.

All (including deferred entry).  Choral Award applications
1 March 2024 Christ's International Award Application 2024 entry offer holders with overseas fee status Christs International Awards page
18 - 20 March 2024 Choral Trials Choral Award applicants.  Choral  Awards
29 March 2024

Please return the completed Health Assessment Form and Immunisation Record Form by post or email directly to Occupational Health.

Offer holders for Medicine (2024 entry).  Medicine information
As soon as possible once the form for 2024-25 is available. Apply for student finance as soon as possible, if you've not already done so, or email us to confirm that you do not intend to apply for a student finance.  2024 entry offer holders with UK fee status Home Finance page in Finance section.
Spring 2024

The University will send an Information Pack to Medicine Offer Holders containing information, your enhanced disclosure form and self-declaration form. 

Offer holders for Medicine (2024 entry).  Medicine information
Date tbc. April 2024 Medicine DBS documents deadline.  2024 entry offer holders for Medicine.  Medicine information
30 April 2024 Deadline to email Christ's and request changes to the exam entries stated in your UCAS application. All offer holders. Making changes to your exam entries 
4 May 2024
STEP exams registration deadline. Centres may set their own deadline in advance for accepting entries, so please make sure you speak to them as early as possible.  Offer holders with a STEP condition.  STEP exams registration
Ongoing Ask a teacher to email us to keep us informed if your studies are interrupted or affected by illness or other factors during the year. All offer holders. Illness & other circumstances

6 June 2024

Reply to your offer with UCAS (info on UCAS website). All offer holders. Replying to your offer
6 June 2024

(to facilitate matters in case of any issues, ideally do this earlier than 6 June)

First (recommended) financial deadline

  • Financial Guarantee form and evidence document(s) for overseas students.
  • Confirmation of Student finance application or Evidence of means of financial support (Home students)

2024 entry only

See relevant page in Finance section
30 June 2024 Second (absolute) financial deadline (depending on your circumstances) 2024 entry only See relevant page in Finance section
June/July 2024 International examination results published. Depending on which qualification you've taken, you may need to send us your results.  Some offer-holders. A level and other exam results & English Language conditions
June/July 2024 Webinar for applicants applying for a Student visa (info about this sent by email to relevant students, 2024 entry only). 2024 entry and need a visa Visa page
June 2024 Overseas students start to receive CAS emails (in cases where all offer conditions have been met). Overseas students who need a visa and are 2024 entry Visa page
1 July 2024 Deadline to meet English Language conditions
(if your offer includes them).
Some offer-holders. See your offer letter and English Language conditions
1 July 2024 If you are a Home student and are not applying for a student loan, please send a fee status questionnaire and accompanying documents by 1 July. 2024 Home students who are not applying for student loan See Home finance
 6 July 2024

International Baccalaureate scores published. See the page for offer holders receiving IB scores, which will be available a few days before and after the results come out.

Some offer-holders. A level and other exam results.
15 Aug 2024 A level, Pre-U and STEP results published. This page for offer holders receiving A level and other results with info for 15 and 16 Aug will be available a couple of days before 15 Aug. Some offer-holders A level results day and A level and other exam results 
15 Aug 2024 UCAS Confirmation of conditional places (in your UCAS account) once all results have been released. Offer holders with an academic condition.  A level and other exam results.

15 and 16 Aug

Confirmation emails sent to students with a conditional place. Offer holders with an academic condition. Info received by email.
19 or 20 Aug 2024

Online Accommodation Form emailed to 2024 entry freshers, to be completed by date to be confirmed. This will include information and collection of preferences for accommodation.

2024 entry students. Accommodation page
late Aug Overseas students who have just met offer conditions start to receive CAS emails, Overseas students who need a visa and are 2024 entry Visa page
Second half of August 2024 Consider signing up for one of the optional Freshers Events if you'd like to meet other students from your area going to Cambridge.  2024 entry students Freshers Events
31 Aug 2024 Last possible date for meeting academic offer conditions (see your offer letter). Offer holders with an academic condition.  See your offer letter and A level and other exam results.
Date tbc 2024 Deadline for online Accommodation Form 2024 entry students Accommodation page
date tbc early Sept 2024 2024 entry freshers get access to the online freshers information including full practical information about joining the College. Some information may also be sent by email where it is more individual so please ensure you are checking your emails. 2024 entry students. Link available on date tbc.
Date tbc Sept 2024 2024 Instrumental Awards application deadline 2024 entry students Instrumental Awards
late Sept 2024 Christ's International Freshers Week (optional!) 2024 entry international students. International Freshers Week
Late Sept 2024 Outreach Scholarship applications 2024 entry students with home fee status who are eligible See email sent on 20/21 Aug to students with home fee status
29 Sept - 4 Oct 2024 Bridging Course Selected UK-educated offer holders with home fee status Bridging Course
5 Oct 2024

Arrive at Christ's - this is the standard date but see Arriving at Christ's for details and updates (including information for students arriving from abroad)

2024 entry students. Arriving at Christ's
10 Oct 2024 Lectures start (Cambridge weeks start on a Thursday) 2024 entry students. Arriving at Christ's
Late Jan 2025 Finance information and updated Terms of Admission emailed to 2025 entry offer holders by Christ's Admissions.  2025 entry students. Deferred entry
Late Jan 2026 Finance information and updated Terms of Admission emailed to 2026 entry offer holders by Christ's Admissions.  2026 entry students. Deferred entry

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