Finance information for UK offer holders (2020 entry)

This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College and contains financial information for students with UK fee status starting a course in October 2020. Please read it alongside your offer letter.


Student Loan applications

As a UK student, you do not need to pay the tuition fees up front or during the time you are a student at Christ's and you can get support for your living costs. The student loans companies for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland provide tuition fee loans (they pay the tuition fees directly to the College each term), as well as maintenance loans for living costs. You will need to check arrangements for student loans and repayment on the relevant website for your area (once updated for the 2020-21 academic year), pay attention to when applications open, and make your application by the relevant deadline. 

If you do not plan to apply for a loan, please email to confirm this. 

Information for completing your application: 

  • If you are not sure of the length of your course, we advise you to quote the longer period, as this can be reduced later. This is likely to apply to students in Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences where there is a possible extra fourth year (see your offer letter and read both the 'course duration' in the table and any sentences below the table but above where it says 'terms and conditions'). Medicine students normally apply for a six-year course. 
  • When completing the online form, please ensure that your choose the College name, i.e. ‘Christ’s College – University of Cambridge’ from the drop down list, not just the University of Cambridge. The correct College address is St Andrew's Street, Cambridge CB2 3BU, not Trinity Lane CB2 1TN.
  • When you agree to the terms and conditions, this includes agreement that the College will be able to see your application, so there is no need to tell us that you have done it.
  • Please also bear in mind that you will need to apply each year for your loan. 

Students who are resident in England: 

Students who are resident in Scotland:

Students who are resident in Wales:

Students who are resident in Northern Ireland: 

Cambridge Bursary Scheme

If you are a UK student with a household income of below £42,620 then you are likely to be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary of up to £3,500 per year.

You must apply for financial assistance through your own regional Student Finance body (see above) in order to be eligible for the Cambridge Bursary. There is no separate application process for the bursary. You do not need to take up any loans that are offered but you must go through the application and income assessment process in order for the Cambridge Bursary to be awarded.

Please see the Cambridge Bursary website (information is currently for 2019 entry but will be updated for 2020 entry nearer the time)

Christ's Awards

Once you have started your course at Christ's, small grants will be available to cover a range of activities once you have started your course:

  • Vacation Stays
  • Books and Study Aids
  • Language courses
  • Dissertation research
  • Lab work
  • Summer internships
  • Travel
  • Hardship
  • Extracurricular activities  such as sports, music, theatre, art

Further information, including how to apply, will be made available after you have started your course at Christ's. 

Other Awards

  • If you are from the West Midlands, please see the additional information about the OCR Bursary Scheme. Action is required (you will need to complete a form) to apply for one of these bursaries. The areas in the West Midlands are Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Hereford, Sandwell, Shropshire, Solihull, Staffordshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, Wolverhampton, and Worcestershire.
  • If you have an impairment, health condition (including a mental health condition), or Specific Learning Difficulty like dyslexia, you may be eligible for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) or Reasonable Adustments Fund for help with the costs of equipment, travel or specialist ergonomic equipment, depending on your case. Please see the further information on the Disability Resource Centre website
  • If you are holding an offer and have spent time in Local Authority Care then you may be eligible for additional financial support. Please email us for further information if you think that this may apply to you, and we will then send you further information. 

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