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Shadab is from Cardiff, Wales, and he did A-levels at school. He wrote this at the end of his third year of Natural Sciences (Physical), specialising in Chemistry.

What attracted you to Natural Sciences and to Christ's?

Natural Sciences is not offered that widely. It's a broad course which allows you to choose a number of different modules in science before specialising, allowing you to really engage with a variety of science disciplines and therefore to make an informed decision about which interests to follow. It was this breadth that lead me to choose the course at Cambridge, as

"The atmosphere in Christ’s is extremely friendly. Everyone is so helpful, both students and staff."


What advice would you give sixth formers thinking about Natural Sciences?

I'd say practice maths problems and explain your answers out loud! It's about how you think, and the reasoning supporting your answers as opposed to your raw knowledge. When I was applying, I looked over some maths notes to prepare.


What papers did you study this year?

My third year papers were all compulsory but had options within them. They ranged from electrochemistry to quantum mechanics and proteins! I chose them because I thought it would be interesting to study different areas of Chemistry, but I did prefer the more biological options.

What was your timetable like this year?

The contact hours felt pretty relaxed this year compared with first and second year. Lectures were recorded which made my timetable a lot more flexible, as I could work whenever and however I wanted. I would normally slot my work

"I’ve always done the same amount of non-work things through each year, but by third year I’d also learnt to better manage my time and enjoyed the subject more."

College Family

What do you do when you’re not working?

Rowing, singing, dancing, charity work and learning languages! There really is something for everyone, regardless of previous ability. 

Meeting a range of different people has probably been my favourite part of life at Christ's. There are so many different friendship groups around, and you can be a part of them all. It’s always nice to experience College life with a range of different people. Having been Access Officer for the College students union (JCR), I ran for elections for the Cambridge Students’ Union and the College really rallied behind

"Meeting a range of different people has probably been my favourite part of life at Christ's."

A man giving a presentation to prospective students in the Yusuf Hamied Lecture Theatre at Christ's College, Cambridge.
Shadab giving a presentation to prospective students on a
summer school at Christ's

What did being Access Officer on the students' union at Christ's involve?

My job as Access Officer was to help make Christ’s, Cambridge and Higher Education in general feel more accessible to all students who are considering applying to university, no matter what their background.

I worked with both staff and students to provide as much of an insight as possible into student life here at Cambridge, whether that help be academic, social or just developing new-found independence through short residential events or visits. I helped with pretty much all of the residential events available

"It was really amazing to see prospective students who visited Christ's experience the College and feel more at ease about life here."


What are your plans for the future?

I’m still not sure. I am currently taking a year out in the Cambridge University Students' Union role I mentioned before as Access and Funding Officer. I might run for another year, I might do a Masters, or I might just leave! I had initially thought I would work in the pharmaceutical industry but during my time at Cambridge I've found things that I want to do more: I think I will either work in the education or charity sector in some form.

July 2018

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