Studying Biology at A level, IB Higher Level, Scottish Advanced Higher or equivalent? Want to do a Biology-based degree?

Much will depend on what your other school subjects are. If you are studying Biology alongside Chemistry and Maths (and possibly Physics), you could look at Natural Sciences or Medicine. If you're taking it alongside other subjects, do explore Psychological and Behavioural Sciences or Biological Anthropology.

In all cases it's worth being aware of the range of options available before you make a final decision on your course choice!

Natural Sciences (Biological)

If you're studying Biology alongside Mathematics and Chemistry, then you could consider an application for Natural Sciences (Biological).

The Natural Sciences course allows you to study Mathematical Biology and three science options in the first year. The biological options include Biology of Cells, Physiology and Evolution and Behaviour. Do have a look at the Faculty of Biology guide to the Biology options in the Natural Sciences degree.

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If you're studying Chemistry and two further subjects out of Biology, Maths and Physics for A level or equivalent, you could consider an application for Medicine.

In the Cambridge Medicine course, you study the medical sciences first, before learning to apply that knowledge to medical practice as a clinical student.

One of our Medicine students, Rory, says in his profile 'If you are unsure whether you want to study Medicine or Biology, I would strongly recommend trying out volunteering or something similar at a local hospital/care home. If do feel like you get something from it, then it both helps you to make a decision and looks good on your application.'

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Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

At Christ's we require applicants for Psychological and Behavioural Sciences to be studying either Biology or Maths at A level or equivalent, however there are no requirements for the other two subjects, and there is no disadvantage if you are not studying Psychology.

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences is a broad and flexible course, so do explore it carefully if you like Biology, even if studying Psychology at degree level would not be your first instinct.

The course is taught in the School of Biological Sciences, and covers the full range of perspectives important to understanding behaviour, including behavioural neuroscience in animals, cognitive neuroscience in humans, neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, as well as the study of atypical development and adult psychopathology.

Note also that the options in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences course include some of the papers from Natural Sciences (Biological).

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Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology may be an ideal option if you are studying Biology at school alongside subjects such as History, English, Classics, ancient languages, Geography, Sociology, Psychology or Anthropology. This course explores human evolution, biology and behaviour, and the interaction between biology and culture, and it is one of the streams in the Cambridge Archaeology degree.

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