Freshers' Events

At these events organised by Cambridge alumni in different areas of the UK and the world you can hear from current and former students about living and studying at Cambridge.

Freshers event


Freshers Event

New students are invited to come to a relaxed and informal online Freshers’ Event over the summer before your course starts, to help you prepare for university and make new friends before you arrive. 

The events take place for different regions all over the UK and also in countries around the world. Please see the Cambridge Freshers Events website for details, normally available from late August. This years events will need to be online in current circumstances, but the alumni groups are working hard to make them as useful as possible for attendees.

Your participation in one of these events is entirely optional, of course, and don't worry if you can't make it. This is just an opportunity that's there if you want it. 

“It made me less nervous about the prospect of knowing no one at university. I got to meet some people that are able to be familiar faces now I've arrived.” 

Attendee, Surrey event.

“It was a great opportunity to get to know other Austrians starting at Cambridge and receive some useful tips before departure to the UK.” 

Attendee, Austria event