Two students walking past G staircase
Darwin's room still marked on the wall in G staircase, First Court

Christ's College is where the famous biologist, naturalist and father of evolutionary biology, Charles Darwin studied. Cambridge has changed a lot since Darwin's time, but it still fosters great young scientists. Our outreach officers run an annual Year 12 Biological Sciences Taster Series. The Series takes place online in March / April, and at the end there's an optional visit to Christ's for those who can get to Cambridge.

If you are in Year 12 (Year 13 in Northern Ireland, S5 in Scotland), you can register interest here for the 2023 Biological Sciences Taster Series.


"I enjoyed getting an insight on the weekly lives of students from students themselves."

A previous participant, 2021

Apply for the Biological Sciences Taster Series

If you are in Year 12 England or Wales, S5 Scotland or Year 13 Northern Ireland, you can register interest here for the 2023 Biological Sciences Taster Series so that you receive an email with information when we open applications.


Practical Details and Dates

The Taster Series is for students only (there are no sessions for parents & guardians). Exact dates for the 2023 Series will be published here nearer the time but the series normally takes place in March and April. For reference, the 2022 series had online sessions on Thursdays

"I loved the discussions we were able to have after the presentation. I feel as though this made us reflect on what we learnt and discuss this with a professional of the field."

A previous participant, 2021