Milton Lady Margaret Darwin on wall James Meade

Every year Christ's College hosts a series of Subject Taster Series, themed around the life and legacies of famous figures and alumni from the College's past. 


If you're in Year 12, S5 in Scotland or Year 13 in Northern Ireland and meet the eligibility criteria (see below) you can apply for the events below. More information about each event is below. Deadline to apply (for all): 5pm, Friday 10th February 2023. The application form can be found on the relevant event page:

The aim of these events is to give potential applicants from state schools a taste of what it is like to study these subjects at Cambridge. The programme varies in each case, but usually includes a series of lectures and workshops, a library session, a tour of the college, an admissions workshop and a buffet lunch.



This Taster Days are aimed at academically able students who meet all of the criteria below:

  • are in Year 12 if in England/Wales, Year 13 in Northern Ireland or S5 in Scotland
  • attend an academy, school or college that does not charge fees.
  • are studying the relevant subjects at A Level, IB Higher, Scottish Higher or equivalent (details at the relevant taster day link above).
  • are interested in exploring their subject beyond the standard school curriculum

If you are from outside the UK and are unsure about your eligibility to apply for this event, please contact us for further information.

Apply for the 2023 Taster Series

If you are in Year 12 (England & Wales) /S5 (Scotland) / Year 13 (Northern Ireland), applications are now OPEN! 

Eligible students will need to complete an application form for the relevant event in order to be considered for a place. Please see the relevant pages for Biological Natural Sciences (Darwin)History (Lady Margaret Beaufort), Economics (James Meade), or English (John Milton) to check on details and eligibility criteria and to apply.

Practical details

In 2023 these events will take place as a 4-week online programme, with a session once per week throughout March 2023. All sessions will begin at 16:30 and are scheduled to be one hour each. See the relevant event for further details on dates.

All of our taster days are for students only (there are no sessions for parents & guardians). The format is expected to be between 11:00-15:00 including a tour of the college, an opportunity to meet some current undergraduates and a buffet lunch, whilst leaving plenty of time to further explore Cambridge itself.

Visiting students are responsible for getting themselves to Cambridge for in-person taster days, however we provide travel information and a map of the college:

If you are in (or were previously in) Care, please read about the Care Travel Fund (eligibility criteria apply).

For students travelling a long way, limited accommodation is normally available at Christ's on the night before the taster day on a first come, first served basis.


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