Our main entrance is this castle-like gatehouse on St Andrew's Street in central Cambridge (see here if you need some help finding it). Just inside, on your left you'll find the porters' lodge, and on the right there are noticeboards, including one for prospective students with a QR code for if you want to access the self-guided tour leaflet when the College is open (hard copies are also available if you ask in the porters' lodge) .


Lady Margaret Beaufort statueThis gate is the College's original oak door, dating back to the sixteenth century when our foundress, Lady Margaret Beaufort, had it built. There have been some changes since then, though. The bottom of the gate has been cut off, as St Andrew's Street is higher than it used to be, and the stone facade that you now see was added in the eighteenth century. High up on the gatehouse you may spot a statue of Lady Margaret Beaufort (pictured right) that was added in the nineteenth century, and the vibrant colours you'll notice in the paintwork were repainted in a four-year project ending in 2018, after careful research into the original colours and methods to be used.

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