Most students at Christ’s spend an enjoyable and trouble-free few years at the College. But University can be a stressful place, and unforeseen additional pressures can arise from all sorts of causes. This page will direct you to some of the resources available to you as a Cambridge student and Christ's member. 



Library Anxiety

The library is an important study resource, but we recognise that some students may feel intimated or overwhelmed by libraries and librarians. We are here to help. Please visit our  Library Anxiety page, which has tips on how to make your library visit stress free. 


General Interest Collection

Please have a look at our General Interest Collection on the library's First Floor (near the library office). The collection includes fiction and non-fiction material, including our wellbeing collection on topics suggested by our own College Nurse such as sleeping, mindfulness, good nutrition, anxiety, exam preparation etc. We have also bought some books recommended by the University Counselling Service.


Wellbeing Collection 

We have a collection of books on physical and mental wellbeing. It covers a range of topics for your wellbeing.


Fiction Collection 

We have an extensive collection of fiction available for borrowing, and we welcome your suggestions for new titles for the collection. We often buy recent award-winning books for the collection. 


Academic skills Collection

We have an extensive and current collection of academic skill related books available for borrowing to all Christ's members. The collection also subdivides to specific academic skills with practical implementations. The collection and the Quick guide booklet can be found opposite the self issue machines on Floor 1 of the Library.


Movie Collection

We have an amazing collection of popular movies, and buy the latest movies in DVD form. Our movies are available for borrowing.


Relaxing activities

We also have puzzles and adult coloring books available in our library for your study breaks. A small activities trolley is available at the Ground Floor of the library, opposite the door, for all students.


Christ's Resources

For full information on the college's wellbeing and related resources, please visit the Welfare and Support Christ's page. You will need your Raven password for access. Library staff can help you with that.


Who can offer support?


  • Your College Tutor
  • Your Director of Studies
  • The College nurse
  • In house counselling service (ask your tutor)
  • College Consultant Psychiatrist (ask your tutor)
  • College Chaplain (non denominational)
  • Porter's Lodge (includes first aid and emergencies)
  • JCR male and female welfare officers
  • JCR sibling and parent program for new students
  • MCR graduate student society welfare officer
  • College and Harrasment discrimination contact



Where can I get academic support?


  • The study skills coordinator
  • External Academic skills lector
  • Your College Tutor
  • Your Director of Studies
  • Your library 
  • Camguides 
  • Cambridge University training 
Study Stress

The library understands how overwhelming it is to keep up with your studies and meet your deadlines. We have a dedicated academic skills and wellbeing collections of a wide range of specific topics (not just generalised material) from experts and renowned authors in the relevant fields.

Library staff are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have or you just want a quiet, friendly environment to focus in. We aim to work with Christ's college and associated Cambridge departments to support you as much as possible. 

Mental Health Charity "Mind" on relaxation tips



Top tips on Mental Health from the NHS

Take the Mind Quiz : Answer the 5 questions in this interactive quiz to get top tips and advice for you

Some of the many suggestions available from the NHS on mental health. One step at a time and we can achieve having and maintaining mental health. Also have a look at the visual guide from the mental health charity "Mind".

  • Connect with people
  • Be physically active 
  • Learn new skills 
  • Give to others
  • Pay attention to the present moment

In our library we also encourage our students to take regular breaks. You can either use the Library corridor with comfortable sofas and armchairs or take a stroll at our college gardens. The city center is also a step away. For further information on exercise please visit the NHS page on exercise information and tips.  Why not check out these NHS 10-minute workouts you can do at home?


Additional Resources

The university also offers a number of resources and websites for its users