Finance information for non-EU offer holders (2020 entry)

This page is part of the offer-holders section for students who have been offered an undergraduate place at Christ's College and contains financial information for non-EU international students starting a course in October 2020 Please read it alongside your offer letter.


Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust Awards (2020 entry - application needed)

The Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust Awards are for non-EU students in financial need. The application form was sent to non-EU students applying for 2020 entry by email on 20 January, and if you would like to be considered for an award, you complete and return the form to by 31 January 2020.  

  • If you do not require financial support in order to study at Cambridge, please do not apply for a scholarship. You will only be eligible for a scholarship if you have financial need.
  • Further information is on the Cambridge Trusts website. We recommend that you read the key points for undergraduate applicants and the scholarship search, enables you to find awards that you may be eligible for. In most cases there are no additional application forms to complete.
  • When completing the form, please note that the College fee for 2020 entry is £9,400. This is included in the annual tuition fee given in the box at the beginning of your offer letter.
  • Once you've made your application, do bear in mind that different students will hear back at different times - it's nothing to worry about. 

Christ's College Awards (2020 entry)

  • Students from outside the EU are automatically considered for a Christ's College International Award. There is no separate application process. 
  • There is a Li Ka Shing Foundation Lord Sandberg Memorial Scholarship for students resident in Hong KongThere is no separate application process for this. 
  • Once you have started your course at Christ's, small grants will be available to cover a range of activities once you have started your course:
    • Vacation Stays
    • Books and Study Aids
    • Language courses
    • Dissertation research
    • Lab work
    • Summer internships
    • Travel
    • Hardship
    • Extracurricular activities  such as sports, music, theatre, art

     Further information, including how to apply, will be made available after you have started your course at Christ's. 


Other Awards (2020 entry)

Financial Guarantee Form and evidence document(s) - 2020 entry

For non-EU students, we have sent a financial guarantee form with your offer letter. Or, for students who applied last year, we sent the financial guarantee form with your January update information.

  • If you will fund your studies 100% through private finance or have already organised your funding, please send your financial guarantee form and evidence to us as soon as possible (the deadline is 30 June, but please return it before then if it is ready earlier). We are happy for you to sign then scan and email the form and evidence to us as a pdf attachment. Please send this to with subject line: Financial Guarantee Form / Name / Cambridge Course name
  • If you are applying for scholarships, you will need to wait for the outcome of your applications before returning the financial guarantee form and evidence, however please make sure that you return it by 30 June (if you think that you will have difficulty meeting this deadline, please email us as soon as possible). We are happy for you to sign then scan and email the form and evidence to us as a pdf attachment. Please send this to with subject line: Financial Guarantee Form / Name / Cambridge Course name

For the evidence (see section 3):

  • If your evidence document is not in English, please send both the original and a translation into English. We are happy for you to complete the translation yourself, and will let you know if we have any questions. 
  • Please check that your evidence documents shows that you will have sufficient funds for the full duration of your course. This could include confirmation of an external scholarship awarded, parental income etc, but should not be assets in the form of occupied family property.


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