A male student using an exercise ball in the gym at Christ's College, Cambridge.Main site gym

The main site gym is in the basement of the Yusuf Hamied Centre in New Court.

Some students like to use the gym to get regular exercise, others find it very useful as a way to keep fitness if the weather is terrible, to cross-train for other sports, or to keep fit if they're short of time.

New students who would like to use the  main site gym are given an induction in Freshers week to introduce the equipment and make sure everybody knows how to use each piece safely. There are also posters with diagrams in the gym.

Equipment in the gym includes:

  • Two treadmills
  • Two elliptical trainers (or cross trainers)
  • An exercise bike
  • Various weight resistance machines
  • A large exercise ball (also called a stability ball or a Pilates ball).

"Having the gym a two-minute walk from my room, it was fantastic!"


Boathouse gym (for rowers)

The gym inside the newly refurbished boathouse of Christ's College, Cambridge.
        Christ's Boathouse is newly-refurbished.

The boathouse is very close to Christ's, so the boathouse gym is only a few minutes away from the main campus.

As it is specialised, the boathouse gym is only open to those Boat Club members who receive coaching/instruction from our Strength and Conditioning coach. Usually new members of the rowing club do at least one term of rowing before they are slowly introduced to other types of training that may support their rowing, including beginning their training in how to lift weights safely.

Equipment in the boathouse gym:

  • Sixteen ergometers (rowing machines)
  • Three squat racks with platforms for deadlifts
  • A bench
  • A leg press and a cable machine
  • Plenty of free weights
  • Yoga mats
  • Resistance bands
  • Three training bikes

A male student using a cross-trainer in the gym at Christ's College, Cambridge.University / City Facilities

If you want more gym facilities, you could also use the larger gym at the University Sports Centre (membership required).

There are also two public gyms at Parkside Pools and Kelsey Kerridge, both on the other side of Parker's Piece and just five mins' walk from Christ's.

The Kelsey Kerridge gym also has the nearest climbing wall to College.