Skating, Scooting and Skateboarding at Christ's

Christ's has a society called the Hot Wheelz Society which was formed to provide a safe and fun space for those interested in starting or developing their roller skating/ blading, scootering and/or skateboarding skills. All abilities are welcome!

The Hot Wheelz have regular meet ups so students can get on their wheels while meeting fellow enthusiasts.

Places in Cambridge

There's a concrete skate park on Jesus Green, which is a public common. It's very close - go out the back gate of Christ's, down King Street to the roundabout and up Victoria Avenue to get to the nearest entrance. Alternatively there's a metal ramp on tarmac just over the road from Parkers' Piece, a few minutes from the Second Court side gate. This page has details of other skate parks in Cambridge.

For long straight places to skate, the footpaths on Jesus Green / Midsummer Common are possible, or for a wider paths a lot of people use the guided busway cycle path. In both cases you should avoid rush hours and pick a non-busy time.

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